This is a final boarding call…

Today is the last day to enter The Travel Contest! After that, it’s “Aloha!” (Like Aloha = Goodbye, not like Aloha = Hello.)

The potential spoils for this one are fabulous- a keepsake steamer trunkMoleskin City Notebook for a city of your choice, a scratch map to help you document your journey, and of course, a Figment tote and stickers!

All entries must be received by tonight at midnight EST. Details: here.

9 thoughts on “This is a final boarding call…

  1. Well it’s not a hearts contest. It’s blind voting. So it whoever wins, won fair and square. Even if they’re popular.

  2. 🙂 i gave up on it to…but I think I will try again!
    (it was due to some recently gathered Writer’s block…i’m totally over it. :/)

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