Horror Tutorial: Day 2


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What makes a story scary? What really gets our skin crawling? And how do we make our fiction more, well, horrifying? Alexander Gordon Smith, the author of The Escape from Furnace Series, is here to lead us down the dark, twisting path to writing great horror. Every day this week, he’ll teach us something about writing horror, so be sure follow along – it’s about to get freaky in here.



Take five minutes to think about your worst fears, powerful memories and scary books and films, then write down as many crazy What Ifs as possible!

What if your best friend dies and comes back to haunt you… What if your shadow comes to life…

What if your school holiday abroad turned out to be in a zombie plague area…

What if…

Now pick the creepiest idea and use this as the start of your story!

7 thoughts on “Horror Tutorial: Day 2

  1. Okay I’m just saying. You totally read my mind on the whole shadow thing. I wrote a poem on it. My saying is “Don’t trust your shadow”. That’s like my number one fear. Well that and my reflection wanting to take my place…

  2. I’m already writing something about someone whose shadow is alive…and very evil…
    Part of it’s posted up on Figment.
    Great advice, though.

  3. Actually, I also used to have something where a girl’s best friend died and came back to haunt her, but the computer had a brain fart and deleted it. 😛

  4. good idea but bad examples… a zombie plague area? ooh, I’m just shaking! (last sentence to be read with extreme sarcasm).
    what about… what if you found a little boy with a steak knife laughing maniacally in your closet? what if you went to visit your dieing uncle and his flesh started melting in front of your eyes? what if you found a dead body floating in a pool with the words “I will find you too!” carved in to it? or what if a china doll started talking to you but nobody else could here it? You get the idea….

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