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Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt from Figment.comThe dog days of August are upon us, so this week we’re recommending an awesome recent beach read: Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt.

Something happened this summer. At the beginning, Hannah got dumped. At the end, she slept with her best friend’s boyfriend. And now, the proverbial poo is about to hit the fan – it’s the first day of senior year. Good luck, Han!

Let’s see how Sometimes it Happens holds up to Figment’s stringent point scale of 1 to…whatever.

+100 points because Hannah gets dumped like a champ in the beginning of the summer. She Facebook stalks, she gains ten pounds, she cries a lot, she stops showering, and she leaves the house in pajama pants. Which is healthy, normal behavior and exactly how one should handle a breakup.

+3 points for an inside look at the glamorous secret lives of diner waitresses and fry cooks.

-25 points because Noah considers emo music to be like the height of culture. And because he takes Hannah to some lame hipster concert and acts all smug about it.

+1 point for evil wish fulfillment –  don’t we all wish our hot, bitchy, blonde friend would leave her adorable boyfriend unattended for the summer so we could swoop right in?

-6 points for literally non-existent parents and authority figures. Too convenient.

+10 points because Barnholdt doesn’t gloss over the seedier side of high school. She includes contextual, not offensive scenes of drinking, partying, and sex – not as a lesson, not to be preachy, but just to portray high school the way it really is.

-18 points for making the blonde girl the enemy. So unfair that the blondes are always vilified in books like this.**

+5 points for Hannah’s new friend Lacey, a hilarious hypochondriac.

70 points!

**Full disclosure: Author of this post is blonde.

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