Get Close to Spiders: Horror Tutorial Day 4


You’re not going to like today’s advice, but it’s important. It may require that you find some monsters to rub shoulders with, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Read on as Alexander Gordon Smith, the author of The Escape from Furnace Series, gives us help in writing great character and scary-stuff descriptions.

Every day this week, he’ll teach us something about writing horror, so be sure follow along – it’s about to get freaky in here.


Drawing it Out!

Once you have picked an idea for a story, try and visualise the main monster / bad guy / creepy crawly. Description in a story is difficult – sometimes you write too little, other times you can write too much. If you know exactly what something looks like then you know which bits of it to describe!

And don’t be afraid to get a bit closer to the things that scare you! If you’re writing about spiders, look at one close up, even if you are terrified of them! Write down how it feels when you are scared, because if you feel terrified then you’ll know exactly how to describe the feeling in your story!

When you’re researching like this always be sensible and always be safe!

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