Facebook Flash! Fill in the dialogue.

We asked our fans on Facebook to fill-in-the-blank in our short fiction story, and we received some hyper creative results! What would you have filled in?

She picked up the pieces of the framed photograph I had thrown against the wall.
“What were you thinking?” she asked.
“_________________” I said and walked out the door.


“I wasn’t.” –Teresa Szandtner ‎
“I was thinking I don’t want to look at this..you..us.. anymore.” –Samantha Clark
“I looked really bad in that picture.” –Caitlyn Sessions
“She’s dead; when are you going to let go?” –Forrest Wood
“The damn monkey lied to me.” –Destiny Howell
“I had to kill that friggin’ fly somehow.” –Becca Noel
“A family this broken shouldn’t look whole.” –Maria Natalina Harmon
“FALCON PUNCH.” –Samantha Thomas
“Of what we used to be.” –Loan Le
“It was a Horcrux.” –Janna Van Haitsma
“‎I’m thinking Arby’s.” —Will Brown
“That the next time I see his smug face I’ll kill him.” –Natali Andres
“My alien hand hates you.” –Rosa Dale-Moore
“Well…you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I might as well tell you so that you won’t make a big fuss over it. When you turned around and had your back to me, I was actually teleported into the future where humans were on the endangered-species list and aliens became rulers of Earth. Apparently they crashed landed on Earth in 2012, and they found that picture of where humans were endlessly slaughtering animals. Turns out aliens are animal lovers, and when they saw that picture, they were furious and instead of returning to their home planet like they planned to, they decided to make the human species pay for their cruelty. It was only natural that once I got back-which, by the way, was only seconds after I left-that I HAD to destroy the picture. Now you must excuse me, for I must have some fresh air to clear my head of all that I have learned of the future.” –Maranda Brock

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6 thoughts on “Facebook Flash! Fill in the dialogue.

  1. “it was a picture of a clown, it was giving me the creeps and I couldn’t stand it any more! Don’t bother cleaning it up, it’ll be back in a couple of hours….”

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