Princess Etiquette

A princess' hair does not get flyaways. It gets gentlyfloataways.

A true princess knows princess etiquette intrinsically. It is a part of her, like a second heart or spleen. The rest of us plebeian folk might be surprised to find exactly what it takes to be a true princess:

A princess “must be able to spin gold out of straw, in case of emergencies.” –AliceArizona
“A princess must be able to mesmerize animals and princes alike with her singing voice.” –yumechivilemist
“When kissing frogs, tongues are to remain in your mouth until they transform to humans.” –dfmatthews32
“Princesses always must make sure their stepmother isn’t an evil witch. If she cannot identify a witch, she must learn. ” –CelesteSelene
“A princess never throws herself into a seat but sits down gracefully.” –LoveJanineMimi
“Wearing crown jewels doesn’t come without its headaches, the smaller the jewel, the smaller the headache.” –honigfordjc
” A true princess never trips or falls- she merely saunters vaguely downwards.” –KristieFace

To familiarize yourself with more Princess Etiquette, check out Princess Academy by Shannon Hale!

7 thoughts on “Princess Etiquette

  1. I just realized I used to have that doll! And I think these are splendid tips for the princess in training.

  2. Knowing AND applying all that would be . . . well, lets just put it this this way: thanks but no thanks, I’m happy being a pleb! Or possibly a peasant who falls in love with a prince and lives happily ever after with way more freedom than a true princess, either way! :o)

  3. What about:
    “A princess must never wear glass slippers when going to a ball, for they slip off easily and are very uncomfortable.”
    “A princess must always finish their vegetables because you never know when a pea might slip underneath your hundred mattresses.”
    “A princess should beware of fruits and vegetables. Pumpkins tend to turn into carriages, apples turn out to be poisonous, peas tend to give you uncomfortable sleep, etc.”
    “Princesses must never prick their fingers on a spinning needle. They’re sharp and pointy. (I don’t think that needs any more explanation.)”
    “For princess that have evil stepmothers, if one such princess should meet an creepy lady in the woods that looks strangely like her mother, she must never eat any apple she is offering.”

  4. hey i so wanted to be a magical princess when i was younger but now i realize that being magical is just a dream of being a child but i still wish that i once would be a princess but here is some tips

    1 a princess should always be polite and not be mean like
    princess Roxy: i said i DIDN’T WANT ANY COMITERS RIGHT NOW
    you: sorry

    you see how is the being polite maybe another time I’ll give you another tip but for now bye

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