Travel Contest Winners!!!

Figxplorers, the time has come!

“The Tower of Treasures” by Kiki Rose has won the Travel Contest!

“Escaping Through Daydreams” by Socksplz wins second place, and chosen at random from all the entries iiiisssss…….A. Lee-Reid with her entry “The Canyon of Markus Mület”!!!

Kiki Rose will receive a keepsake steamer trunk (we know, it’s awesome) and a Moleskin City Notebook for a city of her choice.

Socksplz will receive a scratch map to help keep track of travels, and A. Lee-Reid will receive a Figment tote and stickers!

Here’s the complete list of finalists:

“The Traveler’s Secret” by Liora Sophie
“Escaping Through Daydreams” by Socksplz
“The Tower of Treasures” by Kiki Rose
“Saudade” by Zoe Mathias
“Crystalized” by Lilith Grindelwald

Congratulations, figs!! You can all post your entries to Figment!

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