Little Used Emoticons

Everyone can pull a : ), : D, or : ( . Whip out one of these obscure emoticons in a chat, and your friends will be wowed and amazed.

]:-|  —Caveman
<=——-*%’$@    —Rocketship
O-(    —Sad cyclops
X-*    —Just ate a lemon
P-P    —Pirate sticking his tongue out
\/\ 😎   —Smiling Harry Potter
[] -)  —Geordi LaForge, happy
>:-[    —Vampire
>:-F   —Vampire in need of braces
O0o|D  —Snowman in an oversized bowler hat.
:-Q   —Surprised by a lip-ring
(J:-*   —Justin Bieber

30 thoughts on “Little Used Emoticons

  1. I’m using the Justin Bieber for fail moments.

    “Gosh, I just got a D on my math test!” (J:-*
    “Gosh, I just had a fight with my mom!” (J:-*
    “Gosh, I just ran over a hippo!” (J:-*

    I think the last one is the most affective.

    • That is the last word in humor. Yes, I am a proud (J:-* hater. Haters (or maybe “fans” or “lovers” or “hater haters” would be more correct) gonna hate. *makes trollface*

  2. Urmm.. how about a dinosaur?!?!?!?!?!?!?! -(:v)=)B
    – is the spike
    ( is the top of the head
    : are the eyes
    v is the mouth
    ) is the bottom of the head
    = are the arms
    ) is the bottom of the tummy
    B are the legs

  3. what! broken! not what I typed. I’mma try again

    mosquito >|<
    happy baby ~:)
    fish <0-<
    I am here, but my mind is not *_*

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