The Mustache Film Project Finalists

Hello Figgies. It is time to announce the finalists for the Mustache Film Project! Here are your finalists, in order of the hearts they received:

A Lonely Alcoholic by Alaric Saltzman 
Alice in Asylum by Danie Grace
Raincheck by kªsey felix ☠ 
The Permanent Solution by Annabel G.
Harry Potter and the Mysterious Mustache by Trina Elisabeth
Dream A Little Dream Of Mine by Rose Rivera
Honorable Intentions by Petra
The Mustache Ladies by Pie the Phucking Moron
Absent Eyes by Xena Pulliam
Orange Scones by Sean Reichard
Disguise Spies by Fly
Jace by Kristin Sherrill
Divine Vengeance? by Eepsita
This Is Why I Hate Cheese by Joshua “LF” Mitchell
The Invincible Mustache-In-Law by Indulgo101


There’re are your finalists! We will choose our favorite and make it into a movie for your viewing pleasure in the upcoming week.



13 thoughts on “The Mustache Film Project Finalists

  1. Honestly, I think that the voting system is flawed. People are only going to read the first thing they see, those things that are… not as well seen are not going to get as many hearts as the ones with psychedelic covers, no mater how well written or creative they are. This is not me being a sore loser, it’s simply that I saw some really great stuff that didn’t make the cut because it was way in the back.

  2. I hope mine wins but they were all really good!
    As for the voting system, making it could be modified, but I think hearts work on a basic level as one type of contest.

  3. (sorry i comment so much)
    i don’t know if anyone’s reading this, but um, i didn’t know my entry thingy was over 500 words, but i just shortened it…if it matters…
    *hides in corner ashamed*

  4. Ah! Teaser! I cannot wait to see what the figmods come up with. They’re pretty ingenious like that… Great contest, guys. 😀

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