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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins from The Figment ReviewWith the companion novel Lola and the Boy Next Door due out September 29 (countdown: 43 days!), it’s the perfect time for anyone who hasn’t read this week’s recommended book to pick it up and absorb its life-changing awesomeness. This week we’re recommending: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

Let’s see how it stacks up against our extremely rigid and meaningful points system:

+73 for excellent build-up of love story – there’s a whole lot of almosts and misunderstandings, which everyone knows is what relationships are built on.

-85 points because ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER, Anna! She falls for a guy who, while very charming, totally cheats on his long-term girlfriend to be with Anna – red flag, no matter how cute he is.

+14 points for actual character growth. Anna realizes she’s a bit stubborn and prone to holding grudges, and she makes a conscious effort to change her ways and maintain friendships.

-26 points for lack of food experimentation. Yes, Anna, granola with yogurt and sandwiches are delicious, but you are in PARIS for crying out loud. Branch out a little.

+ 9000 points because Anna and the French Kiss takes place in Paris, France. And Anna goes to an American school in Paris, so she barely even has to speak any French. Talk about a win-win.

For a grand total of 8,976 points. Wow, that’s a lot of points! On our super scientific and exacting scale.

You can pre-order Lola and the Boy Next Door on Amazon now!


7 thoughts on “Recommended Book of the Week

  1. THAT BOOK IS THE BEST BOOK EVER. I cannot wait for the new book 😀 everyone who hasn’t read it needs to go read it right now!

  2. I’ve read an ARC copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door and it doesn’t disappoint. Thumbs up for Anna and the French Kiss (though I think I prefer Lola…).

  3. Haha I got the ARC of Lola and the Boy Next Door and read it a couple weeks ago… It’s great if you like a fast read with really believable characters, but it’s SO unrealistic. Life is NOT that PERFECT. Things don’t WORK that way in real life. Also, it lacks a sense of emotional depth. She’s just another insecure girl, doing stupid insecure girl things. But then again, read it for yourself, and make your own judgments.

  4. This book. is. SO GOOD! Beyond good. Like the main guy character is my new literary-crush. 😀 SO UNBELIEVABLY BEYOND AMAZING AWESOME!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO GREAT. 😀 I mean, of course it won’t happen in real life; and you know what’s gonna happen, but it is still so great 🙂 Makes you feel mushy inside. 😀

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