Friday video: How many books have you stolen?

Hello once again Figmentitoes! Malone here.

Last week, I went out on the street near our office and asked people crazy questions. Some of them got angry, some of them were nice, some of them laughed at me. Take a look:

26 thoughts on “Friday video: How many books have you stolen?

    • I have one that I borrowed in 2nd grade, (I’m 13 now) and now I’m not allowed back in that library or I have to pay like 50 some dollars :/!

  1. LOL…this must have been so awkward for some of the people.

    I so wish I was there, seeing people freak out when someone asks them randomly, “Oh, hello there, how many books have you stolen?” 😛

  2. …You have a business card?! Cool. What does it look like? I want one. Then maybe I can go around asking random questions like that without getting arrested or something…………. 😛

  3. This made me laugh so much. I’d be like: “Probably 200, but I stole a bunch today so maybe 235.” “Definitely the bookshelves those things are just beautifully crafted. I just like to stare at them”. LOL XD

  4. Hahaha Malone, you are great and pretty adorable 🙂 That was so funny!
    So how are you a moderator if you’re so young?
    My favorite part about my library is looking up when you’re on the escalators, all of the floors are shaped slightly differently so it’s lots of wavy patterns when you look up!

  5. My favorite part of the library is….THE CHECKOUT COUNTER.
    I’ve stolen 983 and a half books from a library, BUT I gave them back!
    P.S. Don’t ask how I’ve stolen half a book, it’s between me, my bff and the wall next to me.

  6. I’ve never stolen a book from a library.


    I’m pretty awesome, no?

    I would’ve bragged if someone asked me that question.

    Malone is young.

    *cough but adorable cough*


  7. I love this!!! he needs to do more videos!!! i was laughing so hard at the lady who said she doesnt speak english. that was just wrong. but i still loved it!!!

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