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Ruined by Paula Morris From Figment.comBonjour, mes petites figs. I’m in the mood for something scary, so this week I’m recommending: Ruined by Paula Morris.

Ruined is about Rebecca Brown, a teenage New Yorker, who’s displaced to New Orleans while her father travels to China for six months on business. She’s living with an old family friend, a kooky fortune teller, across the street from a creepy graveyard. Enjoy the most haunted city on earth, Becks.

Shall we see how Ruined scores on our Figpoints system of sloppy scoring?

+ 59 for a ghostly friend. Kids at school don’t like you, Rebecca? We appreciate your resourcefulness in befriending the dead instead.

– 80 for too much typical high school nonsense. Not every high school is ruled by a clique of terrorist mean girls – I wish Morris had hit a little closer to real life here.

+ 700 for a spooky, well-researched setting. Ruined takes place in New Orleans, three years after Hurricane Katrina, and it’s complete with all the desperation, abandonment, and fierce pride that characterize the location and time period.

– 10 for the dead mom. ALWAYS WITH THE DEAD MOM, YA. Enough, already.

+ 64 for the architecture lesson. Rebecca stays in a “shotgun house,” a building with all the rooms off a long, skinny hallway with a door at either end – so you could shoot a shotgun straight through down the hallway.

Which brings us to a grand total of: 733 points. Every one of them ghostly.



3 thoughts on “Recommended Book of the Week

  1. “- 10 for the dead mom. ALWAYS WITH THE DEAD MOM, YA. Enough, already.”

    HAHA! For all future writing prospects, parents will live on. Or Daddy will die, at least.

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