The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore from The Figment Reviewby Frankie

Warning: Major I Am Number Four spoilers

John Smith looks human, but he isn’t. He looks like he was born on Earth, but he wasn’t. John Smith, also known as Four, is an alien. Born on the planet Lorien, John has powers known as Legacies. He can walk through fire without being burned, light up his hands, and talk to animals.

But John isn’t on Lorien, where he belongs. He is on Earth. When John was only a few years old, Lorien was destroyed by the Mogadorians, another alien race. But before they were completely killed off, he and eight other children were rounded up and sent off to earth with their cepans, their teachers and caretakers, to develop their Legacies and, years later, join forces to fight the Mogadorians. Until their Legacies were formed, they didn’t have much protection except for a charm cast on them before leaving their home planet. The charm numbered each child and said that they could only be killed in the order of their numbers, as long as they stayed apart.

But John has many problems. The first three are dead, making him next. His cepan, Henri, was killed by the Mogadorians, leaving him without a teacher. Oh, and he’s on FBI’s most wanted list for blowing up a school.

He travels with Six, another Lorien girl who found him in the midst of a battle with the Mogarorians. Although she too is without a cepan, she’s more experienced than John with her powers, and tells him more about Lorien, his powers, and her own past.

Then there’s Seven, a new character to the Lorien Legacies series. Named Marina, she’s lived in a church in Spain with her cepan, Adelina, for several years. Although she knows it’s time to move on, especially with her legacies beginning to come, she can’t seem to convince Adelina to leave behind the church. In fact, it seems her cepan doesn’t even want to be her cepan anymore. Convinced that Christianity and God are the only important things, Adelina refuses to help Marina with anything related to Lorien, which is turning out to be a real issue now that the Mogadorians know where she is.

All three of the characters know that the war with the Mogadorians is coming soon, but are they ready? John barely knows his strength; Six, while strong, can’t fight alone; and Marina can’t even get her cepan to teach her about her legacies. And, with the charm requiring they be killed in order broken, everyone is fair game.

As a huge I am Number Four fan, I was literally counting down the days until The Power of Six came out. The first book was easily on my top twenty list as a sci-fi action book with a tad of romance. So, a second one? Um. YES.

Let me just say: I was not disappointed.

Action? Plenty. Romance? Ooh, it’s interesting all right. Epic fighting scenes?  Tons. Alien drama? Of course! Awesomeness? Didn’t I already answer that?

Seriously, if you thought anything of I am Number Four, The Power of Six needs to be on your to-read list. Maybe bump it up a few books, too. I’m recommending this book to every person who’s read I Am Number Four, and recommending I Am Number Four to everyone who hasn’t read it yet. This book clearly deserves a four in a half out of five rating. Well done, Pittacus Lore.


Frankie, or “thefrankie,” has been called weird but thinks original is a much better word. She’s fourteen, and (obviously) a writer. She’s been telling stories since she was three, writing since she first learned to, and wanting to be an author since Kindergarten. Her other hobbies are running, playing handbells, singing loudly off-key, taking pictures of exploded fruits (exploded watermelons are actually very cool), playing with play-doh, and hanging out on figment! 

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  1. I absolutly loved I am Number Four! I had no idea that Power of Six came out! YAY!!! Even though you can’t see it, this is the face of someone who’s stoked! I am so going to buy it and read it since I Am Number Four was one of my favorite (If not my total Fave) book! EXCITEMENT!

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