Who would win? Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen

Their worlds have never touched, never collided. Never…

We’re pitting two of your favorite characters against each other and picking a winner in a battle that is intense and TOTALLY objective.

Ding ding ding! It begins:

Getting the Girl: Edward Cullen.
Even though Harry and Ginny roll into their middle-aged years all kinds of happily ever after, Edward Cullen rocks the straight seduction. It might not be the healthiest of relationships, but Edward has made sure Bella will be with him forever.


Piercing eyes: Harry Potter
No matter how big a deal Bella makes over EC’s toffeambertopazonyx eyes, nothing can compete with Harry’s fresh-pickled toads. If it weren’t for Harry’s reminisceyes, Snape wouldn’t have gone all fuzzy-hearted and protected him. HP would have been RIP.


Confidence: Harry Potter
It’s not even like Harry is that confident. It’s just, anything is better than whiny woe-is-me Edward.



Lifestyle: Edward Cullen
His mansion-in-the-woods whips Harry’s cupboard-under-the-stairs and his off-the-runway clothes kill Harry’s duds from Dudley.



Battle Royale: Harry Potter
Avada Kedavra, bitches.


And, with a decisive 3 to 2 victory, our literary winner is Harry Potter! Who do you want to see duke it out next? Tell us in the comments!

155 thoughts on “Who would win? Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen

    • Noooo! I cannot pick between two beloved fandoms!

      And besides, Doctor Who has an unfair advantage what with a station that won’t cancel it as long as it’s good…

      Where as Firefly got cancelled because it was good…

    • totally! Being both a die-hard Whovian and a Browncoat, this would be the epic showdown of all sci-fi! Of course, the Doctor would win….

      -my egg salad 😀

  1. I haven’t even read Harry Potter, but I’d take him over the creepnovel vampire man.

    If you did tv shows, Kirk vs Picard would be the obvious choice. 😀

  2. Technically, there has been some speculated backstory for Edward Cullen *cough*Cedric Diggory*cough* :D. This is so full of epicawesomeness.

  3. Katniss Everdeen (Hunger games) Vs. Sam Temple (Gone)
    They’re both evenly matched, the Hunger Games is somewhat Dystopian and Gone is very much Dystopian.
    Sam Temple’s Beam of Light
    Katniss’ arrows.
    He’ll burn her in seconds without hesitation with his “Beams of Light”

    • I’d actually like to see that. Sam is epic, but Katniss is a heroine. BUT Sam battles guys with whip arms and junk. That’s a tough-y.

    • Gandalf. when Dumbledore dies, does he ever come back more epic than ever? although I have yet to see the very end, I doubt it.

  4. You should do Jacob vs. Mr. Darcy.


    Jacob vs. Mr. Rochester.


    Elizabeth Bennet Vs. Bella Swan

    Hmmm… I WONDER who would win… 😉

    • Well…there’s not fair to Katniss, even comparing her to the atocity that is Kristen Stewart’s character. Thank goodness the people casting the Hunger Games can actually cast…

  5. This was an unfair fight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for unfair fights, Harry Potter, etc… But you shouldn’t pit Edward up against such a strong candidate who will OBVIOUSLY win. I mean, no one even LIKES Edward anymore. Edward wasn’t even well written!

    Hehehe next should be Dumbledore versus Carlisle.

  6. I, personally, would like to see something along the lines of Peeta or Gale (Hunger Games) vs. our prissy Mr. Cullen as well.

    Then again, if Hunger Games wouldn’t win… a bunch of us would go quite crazy on you.

    Glad Harry won though. xD

  7. Eowyn (lord of the rings) versus anyone. She’s just that awesome. There was no competition in the last one. Harry is so much better than Edward.

    • just because they are all wizards of epic proportions beyond comprehension does not make them in anyway the same.
      Merlin is cooler than Gandalf who is cooler than Dumbledore, end of story.

  8. Even though not a lot of people know what these shows are, they would still be an epic battle.

    Kaname Kuran (from Vampire Knight) V.S. Sasuke Uchiha (from Naruto)

  9. omfg of COURSE harry wins! he is effing amazing!

    *edward* is suckish, has no abs they are penciled in, and doesnt have a soul.(plus he has belly butten hair that he likes to show off for some stupid reason! eew!)

    *harry* is a WIZARD which is pretty damn cool, he defeted the most POWERFUL wizard of all time besides dumbledore, and has sexy green eyes! WHATS NOT TO LOVE!?!?!?!?

  10. you should recheck lifestyle. Sure Cullen has a mansion-in-the-woods… but Harry inherits number 12 grindwald place (that has history and magic), has a vault full of gold, and throughout most of the seventh book gets to travel throughout Europe. Come on, who has it better now?

    • oh he also gets to live in a CASTLE for almost all the books and has magic to cater to his every whim. Edward may be fast, but he doesn’t have a butler!

  11. No offense for all Twilight fans, but I had no doubt that Harry would win. I mean, it’s HARRY POTTER, peoples. Wiz vs vamp. Spells vs fangs. Really, it’s a no-brainer. Also, Edward is an emotionally stunted loser. Offense was meant He tried to kill himself because he thought Bella died. I’m starting to think Edward’s emo. Maybe he cuts when Bella is in danger, but the author (She Who Must Not Be Named, he he he) never told us.

    • starting? the whole series makes me dislike emos even more, which probably isn’t fair to them, but I can’t help it.

  12. No offense to all Twilight fans, but I had no doubt that Harry would win. I mean, it’s HARRY POTTER, peoples! Wiz vs vamp. Spells vs fangs. It’s a no-brainer. Also, Edward is an emotionally stunted loser, offense meant. He tried to kill himself when he thought Bella was dead. Hey, maybe he cuts himself whenever Bella is in danger. The author (She Who Must Not Be Named) never told us, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Really, Edward just SCREAMS emo. I wonder what will happen if Bella actually dies. Hmmmmmm.
    -Non-Twilight fan and HUGE HP fan ♥

  13. I like both Harry Potter and Edward Cullen – both good reads in my opinion. Since Harry won, then yay! Still like Edward too.

  14. harry potter werewolfs vs. twilight werewolves as in Remus vs. Jacob, or Jacob Black vs. Severus Snape vs. Oliver Hazard-Perry vs. Simon Lewis for being the other guy. Bellatrix Lestrange vs. Jane Volturi for torture… Jack Force vs. Jace Lightwood for obvious reasons. Fang from maximum ride vs. Patch from hush, hush.

  15. Either Drake Merwin (GONE) vs. Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games)
    Draco Malfoy vs. Jacob Black (Come on, we all should know what those characters come from!)
    Michael Scott (The Office) vs. King Arthur (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

  16. ehhee. I KNEW Harry would win. Edward Cullen is just… he’s just no. And too whiny… HARRY on the other hand is… well he’s about a GAZILLION times better than Edward. I <3 Harry. I really do NOT like Edward (yes I've read the books 6 times, but that just lets me know all the more about the series).
    So Harry will always win. ^.^
    And who should go up against each other next?? FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY! They are so alike, WHO would win? ^.^

  17. Im not a bug fan of ether, but I think Edward would win because I don’t think Harry could mutter out a spell before Edward ran over and defeated him. Ya’ know, since Edward has super speed and strength and what not… >_>

  18. I think Harry would win any day over that creepy perv vampire. O.O
    Plus, Edward isn’t a ‘real’ vampire. He sparkles.
    @Kris: So what? Harry could just Avada Kedavra him in one second. Bleh. 😛

    @Nerissa Hayden: Bellatrix vs. Jane Volturi? I know who wins. (Bellatrix) 😀

  19. To be honest….it’s a no-brainer.

    Sorry, TwiHards, but to me, Edward is just a glittering fairy.

    @Kris: Harry Potter can Avada Kedavra Edward Cullen any time.

    @Haylenie: I agree! XD

  20. Duh Harry would win! He’s taken down trolls, dragons, giant snakes, drak wizrds etc.
    Who has Edward taken down? A couple of other vampires….and technaically, just one by himself. A teenage vampire girl!

    The only competitor that is worthy enough to take on Mr. Potter, is none other than…..

  21. I agree with a previous comment; was there every any question? XD

    I’d love to see Jace Lightwood (Mortal Instruments) face someone…and Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries). On second thought, those two facing off would be COOL. X3 So much loves for them both.

  22. Edward Cullen would rip Potter apart… Harry will always be a little boy, Edward is definitely a man!! Team Edward forever.

  23. River Tam (firefly) vs Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)(I vote River) I was gonna say River vs Jayne, but we all now how that would end. we saw twice 🙂

  24. HA! this is pure genius! Harry totally beats the leach, and besides, his competion is much more realistic. Samus and Jacob are totally different. Harry’s story isn’t all about GETTING the girl either. Both genders can enjoy causr there’s action. In Twilight, all the action is so…. Stupid it’s the same over and over. Harry Potter is the man!

  25. OH MY GOSH. I FREAKING LOVE THIS… and yes, harry would totally win, hands down. i <3 the whole "avada kedavera, bitches" thing. it's my new line.

  26. You should change lifestyle. Harry’s home is a castle. He has magic that does every menial chore for him. I’d rather live in Hogwarts. 🙂 I think watching Ginny kick Bella’s ass would be pleasurable.

  27. OMG! SO MAD! EC should have won. Maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I think Alice (Alice in Wonderland), and Loral (Wings, Spells, Illusions). That would be awsome! <3

  28. Comic nerdom battle royale: runaways vs teen titans

    Probably tv titans plus terra and runaways lineup alex, karolina, nico, chase, Molly, gert

  29. Haha, I like Dumbledore vs. Carlisle, or Snape vs…well pretty much anybody cuz we all know he’d win 🙂 But I have to say, putting Harry and Edward’s names in the same paragraph is a crime 🙂 lol

  30. OMG of course HP won because… well… he HAS to win! Harry is WAYY better than Edward… but you know who should battle next? CEDRIC DIGGORY and EDWARD CULLEN. Who will win? Rob Patterson? Or Rob Patterson?

  31. Honestly, if that sparkly possessive creep had won I’d be so annoyed. But I don’t see the appeal in Harry either. He doesn’t have a very interesting personality.

    Why is everyone choosing huge, well-promoted books? There are so many other good books out there. YA is a HUGE category.

    I think you should do Gemma Doyle (The Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray) and Katsa (Graceling by Kristen Cashore). Gemma has all the magic in the realms but Katsa has a killing grace.

    • Katsa is fairly awesome, but I haven’t read about Gemma yet. Magic vs awesome killing power, well…it’s really self-preservation. 😛

  32. This is too cute and I love the graphics! 🙂

    I’d like to see Katniss from The Hunger Games vs. Tris from Divergent. They are both such strong heroines, it’d be a close call. I’d agree with Razi as well, Dumbledore vs. Gandalf the white would be epic!

  33. Edward Cullen: He looks like he lives in the woods, doesn’t drink(human) blood, and he sparkles. Face it. He’s not a vampire, he’s a fairy.


  34. hmmm…I’m thinking Dumbledore vs. Gandalf, although they would have to tie there.

    How about Gollum vs. A random Warrior cat. That would be interesting.

  35. @Azira Smith- No offense, but wouldn’t you rather stop the Holocaust or World War II or the tsunami in Japan or something…?

    @Katt- Yes, he lives in a castle! Good point there. I agree with you. Plus, Edward’s clothes are kind of creepy… and people obsess over silver Volvos way too much because of him.

    As far as literary characters go… President Snow VS Umbridge

  36. HP all the way!

    next time you should do River Song/Melody Pond (from Doctor Who) vs. Katniss or Katsa (Hunger Games and Graceling, respectively)

  37. Buffy and Edward!
    Just do it. I know Buffy’s a tv show, not a book, and I know you’ve already done Edward against Harry. If you want, do a totally different vampire. Just Buffy against someone! (and make Buffy win… because she always does)

  38. Yes, Umbridge vs. Snow would be epic… or Katniss vs. Maximum Ride. How about Katniss vs. Ralph (from Lord of the Flies) kinda the same situation there. Way to go Harry!

  39. Make a tournament! Harry Potter beats the pants off Twilight (hey Twihards, no offense, I like Twilight too) but HP versus Katniss? That’s a close one. Of course, first she’d have to go against Sam from Gone…. but yeah! A tournament would be fun!

  40. I think that Harry Potter Wins all of those, but that is just me. I think that Hermione Granger and Bella Swan, Katniss Everdeen and Katsa, or Percy Jaskson and Artemis Fowl should duke it out next. They are all pretty matched, don’t you think?

  41. The problem with those of your ideas that have people from books vs. edward cullen is that NO MATTER WHO IT IS THE PERSON BEATS EDWARD CULLEN! TWILIGHT=CLICHE OVERRATED JUNK! But, I think a good battle could be Max (Maximum Ride) vs. Katniss (psha. Like you don’t know who katniss is.)

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