Ten Things You Don’t Know About Mary E. Pearson

Mary E. Pearson, author of The Fox Inheritance, which you can begin reading on Figment here, has shared ten facts about herself with Figment! You almost certainly don’t know these. And if you do, you must be some kind of author stalker…




  1. Mary Pearson’s favorite kind of cow is the kind with clean tongues.
  2. One of her favorite feelings is her husband’s hand in hers…awwww!
  3. Her double trouble golden retrievers have a couch of their own…awwww again!
  4. When Mary was little, she used to wake up as a different character each day. One time, she got lost in a department store and made the store clerks page the parents of “Little Red Riding Hood.”
  5. On picture day freshman year, Mary had a huge zit on the tip of her nose.
  6. If you want Mary’s undying gratitude, all you have to do is send her a suggestion for a good outdoor restaurant.
  7. If you invite Mary to your funeral, she’ll probably laugh—she has an embarrassing habit of cracking up at inopportune moments!
  8. Mary’s great at roof repairs.
  9. If Mary weren’t a writer, she’d be an artist.
  10. Mary can quote endless lines from Seinfeld. “No soup for you!”

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