Mo Wren, Lost and Found

by Maggie Martin

Since I’m a bit out of the target age range for Mo Wren, Lost and Found by Tricia Springstubb, I was a little skeptical when I picked it up. I didn’t expect what a treat it would be to read, and how much I needed to travel down memory lane.

Mo Wren, Lost and Found is the sequel to Springstubb’s debut What Happened on Fox Street where Mo and her “wild child” sister Dottie explore their magical cul-de-sac for endless adventure. In Mo Wren, Lost and Found, Mo and Dottie are being uprooted from their fantastic neighborhood and moving to follow their father’s dream of opening a family diner. And the new street is 213th Street. What’s magical about that?

While Mo moves in and helps her father refurbish the “haunted” Corky’s Restaurant into The Wren House, she can’t help but reminisce on everything she left behind: her favorite neighbor and almost-grandmother, Da, her crush that she barely admitted even to herself, Pi, and all of the memories she ever had with her mother.

Luckily things aren’t dreary forever. Mo meets a rambunctious boy, Shawn, who lifts her spirits and shows her around to his favorite hang outs including the local Laundromat, the Soap Opera. With Shawn’s help, a little fun with Dottie’s lizard, Handsome, and a rehabilitated bond with her father, Mo figures out what it means to move on and grow no matter where life takes you.

This book is pure fun at every turn, with crazy misadventures due to “the curse” and funny stories with Mo’s wild sister. I was never bored, even though this book is geared towards twelve-year-olds. It reminded me how much someone can grow and how to find true friends that will last, lessons that I’m still trying to learn and use now. Springstubb’s characters shine brightly with such individual nuances and help to shape Mo in special ways. Mo Wren, Lost and Found took me down memory lane again and again, with a smile each time I took the trip.


Maggie Martin is a teen fiction writer who lives in Iowa. Music inspires pretty much every aspect of her life, so naturally she’s a band geek that lives and breathes music. Seriously.   

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