Seventeen Fiction Contest With Maggie Stiefvater!

Some girls just have a way with words. And a story to tell. And could definitely find a way to spend an extra $5,000.

If that sounds like you then you have to enter the Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest.

Seventeen, Figment, and Scholastic are teaming up to bring you this year’s fiction contest! One lucky winner will get a $5,000 cash prize, the opportunity to have her story published on, and a phone call with  Maggie Stiefvater, author of the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy – Shiver, Linger, and Forever.

To enter, all you need to do is write an amazing, completely original story about absolutely anything, of no more than 500 words. Sounds doable, right?

Click here to learn more!

98 thoughts on “Seventeen Fiction Contest With Maggie Stiefvater!

    • It is a contest for fiction, but feel free to be inspired by real life events! Let me know if you have any further questions- esteele at

  1. I thought we were getting another email in contest to balance all the heart based contests?

    There will be foul play, I’m almost positive, for that prize money.

    • Sad to say it, but you’re right. With more than half a year until the voting period ends and with $5,000 at stake, there will be foul play. I hate heart-based contests because it means that people with plenty of friends writing about a topic popular among teenagers will win, rather than whoever wrote the best entry.

      Ah well. I guess it means we have to try harder. Hope the best person really does win.

      • I wish the amazing contests weren’t heart based! I mean, the fable contest, the HP contest, all those were incredible contests with incredible prizes, but most people won’t get a chance because of the popularity/who is the best cheater elements. I really wish this would change. Alrighty, I’ll get off my soap box now, but that’s how I feel too.

    • Today, my best friend let me read a short story she wrote. And it’s really good! (And I’m not just saying that because I’m a little bias…it really is good.) And it’s not heart-based either. I’m going to try my best to convince her to enter it. 🙂

  2. I have a question.
    When they say “girl” , do they mean what you were born as, what you are, or what you identify as?
    Just askin’.

    • For this contest, it must be prose. And for collaboration: in the case of a story winning, we award the prize and recognition only to the Figment account that created that entry, and it’s up to that creator how you want to distribute the prize. Hope this helps!

    • We only accept entries that were created on Figment after September 1 (today). So while you can use an existing story idea (that’s up to you), you have to create a new writing on Figment for it to qualify as an entry. Let me know if that answers your question!

    • Hi Alexes,

      The rules ask that all eligible contestants be at most 21 when the voting period ends, so unfortunately you would not be eligible. Please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions.

  3. Just saying…I completely agree with Sharrona, Ariel (magic-esi), and Gem. And don’t think that people haven’t noticed mods not replying to said users.

  4. I completely agree with Sharrona, Ariel (magic-esi), and Gem. The heart-based to email-based ratio is very disproportionate. Also, with such a big prize at stake, shouldn’t this be an e-mail based contest?

  5. I’m not even entering, but I’ve got to say this whole hearting thing is so stupid. With $5,000 thousand dollars at stake, it should be an email-in one. Of course everyone with friends on figment and incredibly hearted stories will win! I really couldn’t care less, but I’ve got to say that this is SO cheap…

    • I completely agree (especially with such a large sum of money as the prize!). Heart-based contests are quite cheap for the exact reasons you mentioned. Why can’t the judges–people who have to try to be unbiased and use criteria–read all the entries?

  6. Um… This…is…so sexist. What about us men who like to write? Why do alot of the contests seem to only favor women these days?

  7. Well, I’ve never read from that author and I don’t exactly know what I’d do with 5,000 bucks, but dang, I’d be more than happy to have something published!!! I’ll work at it. ^^ Good luck to everyone entering!

  8. I had something perfect. And you won’t let me enter because of my Y chromosome. Ah, well. Best of luck to the 13-25 year old females.

  9. This contest is infuriating. Not because I can’t enter, I wouldn’t have entered even if I could. It’s going to be horrible. The voting period is far too long. The one month period for the fable contest felt long, I wonder how awful this will be. I feel sorry for those you enter.
    People are going to make a mess. Self promo isn’t going to be about critique requesting anymore. It’s only going to be hearts.

    I thought the MTV contest was bad.

      • Alright, someone ASKED me to read their entry for this contest! That’s cheating! And the voting period is so long, it’s sure to happen again! I’m sorry for being so pushy and all, but 5,000 freaking dollars are at stake, and it’s probably going to a cheater. If the mods decide to change the rules for this contest, I will be fully supportive. But as of now, I’m not.

  10. I have a question, is the 1st place (aka grand prize winner) the only one that will be receiving a prize?

    Also, to those who are upset that this isnt an email in!
    Well, I do agree that it sucks. Its unfair and difficult for those who are new or havent alot of friends on here but hopeing that this big of a contest is an email in is very tricky because who has time to read them all? This goes on for three months! Its insane to do it that way, so this was an alternative I am afraid.

    Please answer my question!

      • Yes, but there is such a huge restriction on who can enter now. Only girls 13-21, and only from the U.S. and Canada. That would decrease the entries quite a bit, don’t you think? And they’re only 500 words, which is like, two minutes each. It can’t be so hard that they won’t give everyone a fair chance.

  11. Sorry if this has been asked before, but are we allowed to edit our entry after we’ve published it? I’m not talking about TOTALLY REDOING IT to the point where it’s not even the same story. I’m just talking about little things – changing some words, adding or removing a line or two, fixing spelling/grammar mistakes, etc.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi McPiggles,

      If someone is asking for a cover to a non-contest piece, that’s fine and encouraged! But drawing specific attention to a contest entry is considered promoting. You can reach me at if you have any other questions.

  12. So this contest is eligibile to those in Alberta (Canada)? I just want to make sure because I’m having troubles finding the “Eligibility” section on the link…

    • Hi Inujuju,

      The eligibility requirements state that the contest is open to US and Canadian residents, with the exception of Quebec province. Hope this helps!

      (PS – The eligibility section is the very first section when you click on the rules link.)

  13. I was so excited until I found out it’s going to be based on hearts. This is so unfair! I mean, there are plenty of awesome writers on here who don’t have ten billion friends. I just joined in early August. I already bugged all my friends and family to vote for MTV and the horror contest and I’m not going to waste their time again. I really think it shouldn’t be that hard to just read the entries. It’s only fair. I’m still going to enter but I’ll probably get like ten hearts at most. And two questions:
    My story is 501 words. Is that ok?
    I edited and added a few things to a story I already wrote. Do I just delete the original published work and create a new one with the same title for the contest?

    • Hi Abby,

      It’s fine if it’s only one word over the count, and you can edit your entry as much as you like until the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, we ask that no edits be made. Entries that were originally published before the start of the contest will not be included in the official entries list, as the system only recognizes books that were published within the specified contest dates. Please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions.

  14. The entry I posted was already published on Figment before the contest. I thought it fit for the contest, so I just tagged it “seventeenmag” and edited it a little bit. Would it still count as an entry if it was already posted to Figment, but not for the contest?

    • Hi Emily,

      Entries that were published before the start of the contest will not be included in the official entries list. We ask that new books and content are created for each contest, but you can certainly use older ideas to create your piece. Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions.

  15. Hi,
    This competition looks just amazing! Especially since I just met Maggie Stiefvater the other day and would be amazing to be published on seventeen. However, I find it very annoying that all these great competitions which I would have great ideas for are only open to US and Canada. Am I the only Aussie on here? I’d love to see some comps open to a wider portion of the world. Thanks.

  16. I am truely and utterly offended by the comments I have read here. The figment team has put their lives and souls into this sight and you criticize them. You should all be ashamed of youselves. If you don’t like hearting competitions then don’t enter, but don’t use the part where people ask questions to have a complain session. You should all apologize. Yes, some people get hearts easier than others. Yes, some people cheat, but the mods try to catch that. I like the longer voting period it gives people like me without much time a chance to catch up to everyone else. I’m sorry boys but since this is a 17 magazine sponsored contest the age and sex was probably their stipulation. I would like to also thank the figment team. You have given me a chance to do something that I absolutely love. This website has changed me so much, and for the better. So Thank You everyone who has put something into figment. You guys are absolutely and wonderfully amazing!!!

  17. First of all, it’s not cheating to do heart swaps as long as you don’t specifically ask someone to read your contest entry. People do them all the time to get non-contest writings recognized. In the real world you have to do some promoting to get your work read, so if you really want to win, do some swaps. The reason the mods aren’t replying to any of the complaints about the contest being heart-based is because it is an issue that has been addressed before and complaining about it in the comments here isn’t going to help or make a difference. If you want to win, start doing some swaps with people. If you don’t like heart swaps, then do read swaps.

    Second of all, the narrow eligibility for the contest isn’t Figment’s fault. This contest is sponsored by Seventeen– A magazine in the United States and Canada (it could very well be in other countries as well, but I wouldn’t know) that serves a female demographic in the 13-21 year old range. Seventeen chose the eligibility, not Figment. All the guys out there complaining that this contest is sexist… Well, it’s a woman’s magazine. Have you ever read a copy of it in your life? I know I haven’t.

    If you are looking for a writing contest with a nice cash prize, why don’t you try checking some out from your local community? Figment isn’t the be-all and the end-all for writing contests. There are other opportunities, you just have to look.

  18. Great, another hearting contest -_-;

    I’ve been wanting to enter a contest for a good while now, but now that such an important one has turned up…

    I’m always turned off by hearting contests; that’s why I haven’t entered very many contests, if any. I have nothing against Figment, but PLEASE, I hope this is a fair contest anyway. Popularity over skill is not my idea of fair.

    But, what can I do but echo everybody else’s worries…

  19. Is it possible to submit multiple entries for this or any contest for the that matter? Just wondering. I’ve never entered one of these before.

  20. For all of you complaining about how sexist this is, Seventeen is a magazine that is aimed at young females (13-21, sometimes younger) females. It’s not really Figment’s fault, but Seventeen’s always like this for their contests. I don’t really understand why it’s only in Canada and US because Seventeen’s published in other countries, oh well.

    I’m not even interested in the prize money if I’d enter (chances are I won’t), but that phone call… with Maggie…

  21. I asked a question on here before but I’m not sure you took it seriously.
    By “girl”, do they mean what you are physically or mentally? Or does it go by what’s on your birth certificate?
    This is a serious question. :/

    • Hi Amber,

      There was an extra letter in the tag, so the system didn’t recognize it as an entry. I’ve adjusted the tag for you, and your entry is in the middle of the second row here. (That’s page 21). Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions. Best of luck!

  22. I was just wondering, how do you chose the ten extra entries? Are they mod pics, or author pics, or just random? Or did I read that wrong, and only the top hearted are being considered?

  23. After all the voting and deciding, will they post finalists? Like, once they’ve narrowed it down to the top ten of whatever?

    What are the rules regarding covers?

    • Hi Krista,

      Yes, once the finalists are decided, there will be an announcement. As long as it follows Figment’s content guidelines, you can use any cover you like. Please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions.

  24. i love maggie so freaking much, this is the best thing thats ever been on here (in my opinion). i could care less about the $5000, all i want is to TALK to her, and have her read my entry!!!!!!!!!

    thanks so much for finally doing something with her, this really makes my day 😀

  25. Five thousand dollars. Millions of girls. This won’t end well.

    I’m new to Figment but, this is crazy! Everyone’s writing is amazing, depends on how you look at it. Five thousand dollars definitely will help me and all you other amazing writers. I also agree with the guys, there should be a contest for them too. Is this a hearting contest? I hope not, because i have lost to many of those types of competitions. I have read a few entries so far and they are amazing. I hope the best writer deserves it and i wish good luck to all.

  26. The deadline is Dec 31st and the winner is announced in April, but I haven’t been able to find when the finalist are chosen… Is there a date set?

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