Dumbledore Vs. Gandalf

They’re here, they’re mad, and they’re ready to duke it out.

In one corner, he’s gray… he’s white… he’s GANDALF!
In the other, he’s got bells in his beard and a twinkle in his eye… it’s DUMBLEDORE!

Transcending Death: Β Gandalf!

Remember when Dumbledore died and everyone was all- HE IS THEΒ PHOENIX! HE WILL RISE FROM HIS ASHES! Yeah, nope. Point to Gandalf.


Quotability: Tie
Dumbledore has wisdom-packed brain nuggets like, “It is our choices, Harry,Β that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities,” But Gandalf’s “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” is unforgettable. Shake hands, gentlemen. This round is a tie.

Communing with Animals: Gandalf!
Fawkes is fine, but Gandalf can whistle for his horse, whisper to a moth, and summon a giant flying eagle to whisk him away from danger. He’d give Snow White a run for her money.


Merchandise: Dumbledore!
Unless Middle Earth was circulating a Gandalf lunch box that never got mentioned, Dumbledore’s trading card is prime branding. Before Harry had even met the famous wizard, he had Dumby’s card tucked in his back pocket.

Sword-fighting: Gandalf!




So with a KILLER 3.5 to 1.5, Gandalf is our victor! Who do you want to see do battle? Tell us in the comments.


128 thoughts on “Dumbledore Vs. Gandalf

    • half as wise? gandalf is TWICE as wise. and there are so many other reasons gandalf would win. for one, gandalf isnt merciful. dumbledore “vanquishes” but gandalf kills. gandalf would kick dumbys ass, anytime.

    • YES!!! Maybe the kid from Evil Genius (his name escapes me) or even better, Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson could battle Artemis?

      I personally would like to see an Eragon battle…maybe he could fight Legolas? (:

  1. I prefer Dumbledore! He is BY FAR more quotable, and instead of sword fighting you should have done dueling, which would have been more fair (and which Dumby could’ve one).
    ….sorry for the rant-ish….

    On a less critical note you should do Percy Jackson Vs. Harry Potter (even though you already did HP). My friend and I were arguing about that…. For instance, Who is a more realistic/likable character? Who’s fame/power is better? etc.

  2. I agree with Katsa and Katniss. Two great books, and they’re really similar. You should also do Eowyn (lord of the rings, JRR Tolkien) VS Alanna (Song of the Lioness, Tamora Peirce). I also think Dumbledore should have gotten a point for humor, and Merlin should have been up in there too. They’re alll basically the same person, so why not have a trio?

  3. I shall repeat:

    Elizabeth Bennet vs. Bella Swan

    Mr. Darcy vs. Edward Cullen


    Mr. Darcy vs. Jacob Black.

    (One-sided much? Naw…)

  4. I want to see Captain Jack Harkness battle it out with Malcolm Reynolds (from Torchwood/Doctor Who and Firefly, respectively).

    …or Link vs. any popular book hero. Like, Harry Potter or Peeta (by Link, I of course mean the one from Legend of Zelda).

  5. What? I’m just… fine?

    I’m insulted mods. You should be ashamed of yourselves… I AM WAY AWESOMER THAN “FINE”!!!

    Remember that for the future!

    • Woah! I am so sorry- no offense intended!

      But if we hurt your feelings and you need to cry about it, can you aim for my finger? I’ve got a paper cut that stings like the dickens.

  6. There should totally be a Loor (Pendragon, DJ McHale) vs. Katniss (duh. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins). They both are warriors, but they’re really different people, so it would be really interesting. Like Nadal and Federer, or Harry and Voldemort, etc.

  7. YES. Gandalf is awesome!

    I’d love to see the Doctor versus Darth Vader. Or something along those lines. Why? Because it’d be epic to watch the Doctor neatly disable lightsabers and blasters and breathing apparatuses, that’s why.

    Is that cruel? Probably.

  8. I agree with the Doctor vs Harry or maybe vs Gandalf or vs someone who is as cool as the Doctor (that person will be pretty hard to find ;))

  9. You’re forgetting ‘epic duels with evil guys’ and ‘cool eccentric-ness’. And ‘interest in candies’.

    Dumbledore wins in my mind.

    Anyway… I really don’t have any famous series I like except Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, and half the guys in PJ are from ancient Greek myths, so maybe, um, Annabeth vs. Hermione?

    • Oh my goodness…if ya’ll do Miley vs. Justin, will it be who’s more annoying? Cuz that would be REALLY tough to choose. lol πŸ˜€

  10. Dumbledore should have won. Maybe Hermione vs. Bella? Katniss vs. the winner of the hermione vs. bella battle. Sherlock Holmes vs. James Bond?

  11. was there any doubt that gandalf would win honestly
    methinks sonic the hedgehog from sonic the hedgehog versus fox from star fox two anthros duking it out

  12. I totally agree with the Doctor vs a Starship captain (hopefully Kirk or Piccard)

    And also, Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson.

    AND THAT WAS AWESOME! I want to see more of these.

  13. hmm…tough one.
    Gandalf: “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”
    Dumbledore: “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

    I am proud to be one of the many who suggested this…

  14. I’d love to see Jace Lightwood (Mortal Instruments Series) go against someone. XD I can’t think of anyone very similar to him, though…maybe Damon Salvatore just because he’s epic.

    No way I could pick between Gandalf and Dumbledore, though. x3

  15. Yes! Go Gandalf!! πŸ˜€
    You should do Strider against Jacob Black. Just to watch Jacob fail. πŸ˜€
    Or maybe Peter(Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) against Percy Jackson. I honestly am not sure which one would win. πŸ˜›

  16. Elizabeth Bennet vs. Jane Eyre and Rochester vs. Darcy! DUH! Darcy would win because he’s not all crippled and still has his brooding hot-ness, but I don’t know about Eliza and Jane… *chants* do it! do it! do it! πŸ˜€

  17. No no no. Dumbledore wins. If you remember, Dumbledore beat Grindelwald in 1945. This implies that the Wizarding World had an even akin to the Muggle’s World War 2, and WHO won that? Dumbledore of course. That is worth at least 3 points. AND, Dumbledore fought a lot of wizards head on, unlike Gandalf. And Dumbledore planned his own death. And Dumbledore was head of the Wizengamot (sic. ?).

  18. I love both these wizards, and I am passionate for both tales. And while they may fit in the fantasy genre, I see no reason to battle it out! LotR and Harry Potter are both great works of fiction, and while the wisdom, kindness, and, perhaps, appearance, of Gandalf and Dumbledore may be the same, I love these wizards both and I believe they are both immortal in their respects.

    But I gotta say, Gandalf died and came back to life. That’s pretty awesome.

  19. DO you not remember Dumbledores kick ass fire spell he used to fight off the Inferi? And the only reason Gandalf was given his life back was so that he could finish the task. (Straight from the book ppl) And if you need any more proof, how many of us remember the incredibly wimpy battle between Gandalf and Saruman…sorry but dumbledore could definitely out spell gandalf in a magic duel.

  20. awww
    i wanted Dumbledore to win! πŸ™
    These comparisons that figment is doing…i just cannot resist reading…and laughing πŸ˜€
    Anyway, i liked harry-edward comparison more. Dumblodore-Gandalf was good also but it did not cover up all the positive points of Dumbledore.

  21. I vote for the face off of Lestat from “the interview with the vampire” against Edward from “twilight” only because I would looooove to see Edward get pummled by a REAL vampire.

  22. Because everyone loves a good villain, Darth Vader v.s. Lord Voldemort would be pretty fantastic!

    Or, Beowulf v.s. Marvel’s Thor anyone?

  23. Psha. You guys are going all modern with Katniss and stuff. You gotta look at the two books everyone used to be and always will be obsessed with.


  24. Ew, not Peeta vs Gale. Come on, that series went downhill after the first book…

    I’m a Dumbledore fan myself, and I’ve read both books. Why was swordfighting even an option?

    Plus, DUMBLEDORE CAN SPEAK MERMISH. Why wasn’t that counted? Merpeople are classified as ‘Beasts’ by the Ministry of Magic.

    I’d like to see Snape vs President Snow, if that hasn’t already been done. Gale vs Peeta is best left to the fans… or, can we get a Sirius vs Charlie Swan? Sirius wasn’t even Harry’s dad and he did a much better job at parenting…

  25. OMG! What is it with all the Hunger Games stuff??!! Anyway, SOOOO glad that G. won!! D. is great, but G. is WAAAY better! <3 I want to see Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, and maybe Loral from Wings, Spells, and Illushions. <3

  26. Oh, maybe we could have Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore vs. Edward Cullen. Or Elena Gilbert vs. Bella Swan. Or Tyler Smallwood vs. Jacob Black!

  27. Characters from the series “A Song of Ice And Fire” by George RR Martin (Also a TV show on HBO called “Game of Thrones”.
    1. Daenerys Targaryen vs. Jamie Lannister.
    2. Viserys Targaryen vs. Cersei Lannister.
    3. Arya Stark vs. Joffrey Baratheon.
    4. Daenerys Targaryen vs. Joffrey Baratheon.
    5. Sansa Stark vs. Margarey Tyrell.
    6. Daenerys Targaryen vs. Margarey Tyrell.

    Any of these (preferably Dany vs. Jamie or Dany vs. Joffrey) would be awesome.

  28. Yay for Gandalf! I have to agree with some of others though, it was pretty biased for Gandalf. Honestly, if these these two wizards really did get together to duke it out, they’d probably just end up dropping their wand/staff and shake hands. And then do their cute old-men-in-white-beards laugh together. πŸ™‚

    I think Harry Potter vs. Frodo would be cool. Or even Eowyn vs. Arwen in LOTR. Hmmm…

  29. If you do a TV show or movie, then may I suggest someone from Star Wars against someone from Star Trek? Maybe Luke vs. Kirk/Picard?

  30. Dude, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games trilogy need to get into it! Can you image all the arguments you could make up with those two? But, promise you’ll make Peeta win?

  31. I think Percy from The Lightning Thief and Luke from Star Wars should battle. That would be cool. Or maybe Annabeth and Princess Leia.

  32. Okay, WHY WAS THERE ONLY ONE MAXIMUM RIDE SUGGESTION!!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??! YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!!!!! Tho they would beat anyone they would go up against….. Fang against Eragon. That would probably be fair. But Fang would KICK BUTT!!!! (Eragon fans out there, if you are offended, Read max. ride. I’m a fan too.)

    • max against rose from vampire academy
      or better yet! threesome: cat from night huntress vs. rose from vampire academy vs. buffy from btvs.
      all the vampire hunting chicks who r worth reading about.

  33. Where did the stupid SWORD FIGHTING part come in!?!? THERE IS NO SWORD FIGHTING IN HARRY POTTER! You should do it with Gandalf versus Chiron from Percy Jackson instead, to be fair! πŸ™‚

    Angry Girl called Nivedha

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