MTV Act Contest Finalists!!

The MTV Act Contest is coming to a close, so we’re announcing the top 10 finalists! These finalists will be sent off to Grammy nominated artist Kenna, and authors extraordinaire Maureen Johnson and Melissa De La Cruz, for final judging. You can find all contest information here.

So, here they are!

I Said Yes by Xena Pulliam
Mixed Moon by Jordan (Jane) the Boa
Today by Halle Smash
Genji by Vincent Nicandro
Cornflower Blue by Rachel Trotter
Grim Secrets by Ronnie Taleon
My Voice by Holly Blackwood
Different is Not Always Better by Tom “JellyBean” Sjรถden
My Daily Minute of Peace by Brianna Weasley
The Girl Who Fell From The Stars by Annabel G

The three chosen winners will each be receiving an iPad, and will be featured on both MTV Act and Figment. Best of luck, figs!!

7 thoughts on “MTV Act Contest Finalists!!

  1. wait- how were these decided? i remember a different set…was this the reviewing thing?

    well, thanks! i can’t believe my entry is going to be read by such notable people! congrats everybody!

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