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Figinators, I’m about to recommend you a book that I haven’t even finished yet! But I am so eager to share it with you all that I have put it down for a few minutes to write up this blog post. Points should be awarded to ME for restraining myself since I’m in the middle of a pretty thrilling chapter!

The book I would like you all to run to the store to possess (now!) is Possess by debut author Gretchen McNeil. Bridget Liu was your average fifteen year old before she started hearing demons in her head, a very rare talent that carries her into homes (and dollhouse shops – eek!) to perform exorcisms. She’s joined by a stuttering priest and a suspicious Monsignor who coach her on how best to banish Satan’s children back to Hell. Too bad Bridget has to keep her exorcising talents a secret – her Catholic high school would’ve made her their new Messiah.

Here’s how we’re rating this mysterious, supernaturally-gripping novel:

+82 for starting the story after Bridget has discovered her ability. We all know about her power from reading the back cover of the book, so it’s refreshing not to have to wait 80 pages for Bridget to figure out what all these weird coincidences add up to.

+25 for that beautiful cover. Doesn’t it just, well, possess you? (Last lame possess pun, I promise!)

-20 for the mother who’s making moves on not just one guy, but TWO, not even a year after her husband was murdered. Grieve, woman, grieve!

+300 for the protagonist being a different nationality from the A.W.F. (Assumably White Female) we find in pretty much every other book. Not only is Bridget Chinese, but she’s also Irish! Better yet – her nationality has NOTHING to do with the plot. Woop woop, Bridget Liu! Way to stick it to the Man!

+1000 points for respecting the reader by not trying to proselytize personal religious beliefs. Religious themes are all over this book like animals on Noah’s Ark, but it never comes off preachy. Three cheers for Gretchen! (If you had a religion of your own, I would absolutely convert to it.)

That brings Possess up to a total of 1,407 points! If for some reason you’re still in your chair and not running out to get Possess, I’m sending Bridget over to your house to exorcise the lazy demon weighing down your soul. Figinators, for real. Go get PossessED. (Just kidding about being done with the puns!)

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