MTV Act Contest Winners!

We teamed up with MTV Act to bring you a contest about confronting intolerance, and you all did admirably.

After careful consideration, esteemed judges Maureen Johnson, Melissa De La Cruz and Kenna have chosen the three winners of the MTV Act + Figment Contest. The winners are:

I Said Yes by Xena Pulliam
Mixed Moon by Jordan (Jane) the Boa
My Voice by Holly Blackwood

Congratulations, figs! You each receive an iPad!

Head over to MTV Act to see the full announcement, comments and more information.

Congratulations to all the finalists, and many thanks to all those who participated!

8 thoughts on “MTV Act Contest Winners!

  1. Read all of them for the first time today and hearted them for the first time as well! They all deserved to win! All wonderful in different ways. Congratulations!

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