Robot Contest Winners!!

Figs, your ideas of machines infiltrating our lives were both horror-fying and humorous. But enough chit-chat.

Here are the winners:

First place: “Silent Night” by Holly Blackwood, who will receive the Walking King Crab kit.

Second Place: “The Replicant Killed the Cat” by Daniel S., who will receive the Mega Mantis Building Kit.

And chosen randomly from all the entries is “Target” by R.J. Abraham, who will receive “How to Survive A Robot Uprising” (and will probably be the only one to survive when Holly and Daniel try to take over).

Congratulations, figs! Don’t forget to leave Figquarters standing!

And, for good measure, here are all the semi-finalists and finalists, not including the winners.

Wednesday Semi-Finalists

“TOM” by Collier Jacinto
“Automaton Watching” by Mazz
“Hannibal” by Elizabeth
“New Android Operating Memory & Identity” by Sharrona Myles

Thursday Semi-Finalists

“Steel Guardian” by Jon Farrar
“Useless” by Trina Elisabeth
“Will We Find” by Pie the Phucking Moron
“Flaw” by Christina Rachel
“Evo is Evil” by Aubrey

Friday Semi-Finalists

“The Legend of Eleanor Rexroat” by Richard Larson
“Be Careful What You Wish For” by Liz Woodward
“Misfortunate” by Amelia T
“Control” by Wynter the Maniacal
“Genevieve Applegate’s Metal Man” by Jessica Crawford

Saturday Semi-Finalists

“Melony” by Saimaiaan
“Faceless” by Nick Anstett
“Mission: Accepted” by A. Shae O’Connell
“Robot Pauli” by Shay Lock

10 thoughts on “Robot Contest Winners!!

  1. Sure, I’ll share my wisdom with you… Cover your mouth when you speak in code, so that way the robots won’t be able to see what you are saying. It will confuse them…. To my knowledge anyway…

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