Isle of Night Contest

In Veronica Wolff’s Isle of Night—which you can begin reading on Figment here—a group of girls is brought together on a deserted island, where they must battle each other to the death. And you thought your high school cafeteria was catty. We’re hosting a contest inspired by this creepycool premise, so sharpen your figpencils and get ready!

Your task is to write a story, 1200 words or fewer, in which your character is trapped on an island…and he/she’s not alone. Is your character stuck with a useless baby? A sword-wielding enemy? A love interest (or two)? You tell us!

How to Enter:

1. Read the full contest rules
2. Write your entry
3. On the “Details” tab, in the “Tags” box, put: IsleofNight
4. Press “Publish Now”
5. In about two hours or so, your contest entry will appear by clicking the link below.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday, September 20 at 6pm EST. Then you get to decide the top stories by hearting your favorite entries before Monday, September 26 at 6pm EST. Your beloved figjudges will choose a winner out of the top ten most hearted entries. The winner will receive a copy of Isle of Night, retractable vampire fangs, and this sweet bookmark. Good luck, figs!


Missed the contest? Check out the finalists, and winners!

38 thoughts on “Isle of Night Contest

    • Tell me about it! it seems no one can just come up with their own ideas anymore! ugh! Hunger Games was awesome so they shouldn’t copy the idea wishing it was their own.

    • The Hunger Games didn’t originally come up with that idea. The ideas of people and kids and animals fighting each other to the death has been around forever.

  1. This is really unfair. I’m sick of all these heart contests–it’s more of a popularity contest. The Fig moderators promised more non-heart contests, and so far, I’ve only seen one.

    The contest sounds really interesting, and I really want to enter, but what’s the point? This whole thing is rigged from the beginning.

  2. Besides, what’s with all the vampire romance? Stephenie Meyer does one thing and immediately everyone writes about vampires and werewolves, and claims it’s “original work.” I miss the days when vampires used to be scary 🙁

  3. I like when they’re heart contests because then I can see what I’m up against. Sure I’ve never won a contest before or even come close, but I keep entering because you just never know…

  4. *sigh* And that book sounded interesting–oh well. I can buy it on Amazon or something 😛

    Speaking of, does anyone here know how to write a Furby romance?

  5. If one were to write a Fanfiction, giving the original author credit of course, would that be allowed for this contest? Just curious.

  6. Really, all of these are taken from Battle Royale. That came out in 2003, and Hunger Games came out in 2010, and sounded very lame in comparison. If you want a good version of this, just read Battle Royale.

  7. Just read the Hunger Games if you want a GOOD, ORIGINAL, story about fighting to the death. I read the first four chapters of Isle of Night and it goes by WAAAAAAY too quickly. It’s just so–unrealistic. No offense, Veronica Wolff.

  8. Totally entered! I checked the number of hearts on the earliest stories to make sure it wasn’t hopeless, and it wasn’t! Please wish me luck!

  9. I agree with romance and vampires. When was Dracula sexy?? Can anyone tell me how the romance vampires explosion got started? Not with the originals, that’s for sure.
    Anyway, I don’t really agree with the hearting contests being popularity contests, but there’s some fact in that. The ones with the most hearts are some of the worst stories I have ever heard.
    P.s. I entered! I love my story so much, although I had to cut off some chunks off it because of the word limit.

  10. Guys! Chill out, seriously! Fig mods work really hard to make these contests, ad then you guys throw up on it! It’s a good way to decide winners. Nice and orderly. Cut ’em a break!

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