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Good morning, San Fran Figs! If you’re from San Francisco’s Bay Area—namely: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma counties—and you love to write, enter this awesome contest we’re hosting in conjunction with our buds over at teenquake! And because it’s so awesome, we’re using Figment’s latest addition to the writing world – Groups! Check out this group for details and more info.

NOTE: Please don’t enter this contest if you’re not really from the Bay Area! We promise you won’t be made a finalist. You will give us a big headache, though. And if that happens, we will track you down and make you hold ice packs against our heads while you rub our feet. After we’ve worn UGG boots in a sauna. With no socks.

10 thoughts on “teenquake contest

  1. Can you be from near San Francisco, like Monterey CA? Or Salinas? I mean that is “the bay area” according to us because we live right on Monterey Bay. I’m on the Central Coast, do I qualify?

  2. Stop complaining… Females got the 17 contest… At least this is also close to a figmeet near us…

    Besides that, I was the only one who read the prompt for the Poetry sector completely…

  3. That’s not fair. It should be available for all members.

    There are guys that live in a different area, too, Maekir.

    And if you hold contests for specific members, at least have it in like time zones, continents, countries, capitals, states, etc. And circulate- otherwise that’s just not fair.

    And don’t make this magically disappear…. Like the threads.

  4. I know it’s a bummer that not everyone can enter! This contest is co-sponsored by a SF local literary festival and it requires attendance at an event in the SF area, so it really had to be a local thing. Don’t worry – we do localized contests pretty rarely.

    And anyone can join the group and vote if you feel like it!

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