Veronica Wolff on The Mysterious Appeal of the Vampire

Isle of Night is a new, action-packed paranormal about Annelise, a teenager whisked off to a mysterious island to battle for the chance to change everything about her less-than-perfect life. We read the novel (which you can start on Figment here), and were left with some burning questions for author Veronica Wolff about her inspiration and writing process—and the inherent hotness of vampires. All this week, we’ll be parceling out Wolff’s answers on the blog. Aren’t we just the masters of suspense? Here’s the first installment.

What makes vampires so irresistible, and why do they always have to be so darn good-looking?

Don’t think I haven’t asked myself this a thousand times! I think vampires’ appeal comes down to a number of things. For my purposes, let’s assume the vampire in question is male, since all my vamps are guys. Undead means a few things:

  1. Power. Aside from a variety of obscure methods, vampires are very hard to kill. This total power holds an undeniable, primal appeal.
  2. Commitment. When they choose a partner, it’s a forever choice. If the vampire in question is your boyfriend, how awesome is that?
  3. Anguish. He walks alone and misunderstood through the ages, searching for the right person to ease the loneliness. I mean, c’mon. It’s Tormented Hero 101.

As for the good-looking part—well, that’s creative license for you. And hey, some of my vampires aren’t cute at all. But sure, a lot of them are hot … okay, most of them are, all right? That’s because it’s my world and I want them to be, dammit. I’m the one who has to look at them all day.

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