“Don’t Eat That!”

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Earlier this week, we posted a brief scene on Facebook and asked you to fill in a single line of dialogue. We then chose some of our favorite responses to post here! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to find writing prompts, photots, and general revelry.

The waitress set down my plate and left. I loaded up my fork and took a huge bite. My eyes closed. Delicious. I was going in for another bite, when the waitress ran back to my table.
“Don’t eat that!” She was practically yelling.
“Why not?” I asked.
“________________________________” she said.
I thought I was going to be sick.

“Mrs. Lovett made it!” –Catherine Marie

“Nevermind.” –Amy Schleppenbach

“That was for the mean lady in the booth behind you!!!” –Rachel Roberson

“Because your mom made it… FROM SCRATCH.” –Allegra Henson

“That meal is over a thousand calories! it’ll go straight to your thighs, don’t cha know.” –James Phish Loverless

‎”Justin Bieber sang while it was being cooked” –Maria Wilkerson

“It’s unicorn meat and unicorn meat has unicorn blood and he who tastes unicorn blood will live a half life. And it’s so fattening, you shouldn’t risk a figure like that.” –Aea Varfis-van Warmelo

“Because it’s so not Raven.” –Devon Hucek

That pizza was made last FRIDAY
You might not want to eat it, eat it.” –Zachary Winkeler 

“The cook can’t find his finger.” –Leslie Furlong

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