Too Beautiful to Work by The Luyas

by Nick McLellan

The Luyas came to my ears by complete happenstance. Unlike most of the artists on my iPod, I didn’t scour for them on YouTube, peruse Pandora, or read about them on any of my favorite artist’s blogs. No, the Luyas came to me by accident, and it was the most beautiful accident since Harry Potter got his scar. The Luyas happened to be playing recently on my college campus, and I haven’t been able to rid my head of their wonderful melodies since.

The album Too Beautiful to Work begins with the Luyas’ hit song “Too Beautiful to Work.” Its hypnotic beat beckons you to start dancing. It’s irresistible. Play it on YouTube and remain still, I challenge you. It is essentially ear coffee.

The next song, “Worth Mentioning” is a fantastic contrast. Its soulful, scratchy melody drips over you like syrup. Halfway through the song, the tempo picks up and gets your head back to bouncing.

With “Tiny Head,” the sound reverbs and vibrates, and the lead vocals (by Jessie Stein) pull you into her level of calm. The peaceful sound leads into “Moodslayer”’s initial chaos. The noise then settles into a steady rhythm of sway-worthy lullaby.

I Need Mirrors” really pulls the album back into “Too Beautiful to Work”’s playfulness. While it doesn’t hold the same danciness, my shoulders still can’t help but bounce in time to the inviting cadence.

The album wraps up with “Seeing Things.” Slow and passionate, the guitar sounds pensive and reflective of the time spent listening. I feel myself sink into my chair like I was made of gelatin by the time the voice fades out for the last time.

Stein’s seductive voice grabs you by your collar and never lets go for this whole album. Lyrically honest and delightful with sensational melodies, the Luyas have effectively charmed me.

Nick McLellan is a college freshman at the University of Oklahoma immersing himself in local slam poetry, music, and coffee drinking conversationalists.  If spotted on the street, he would be equipped with headphones, his trusty music player, and undoubtedly a smile.

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