Happy Birthday to Books 9/19 to 9/25

Figpunkers! Leave your birthday gifts at the door and come join the party! This week, we’re hosting a soiree where the guests of honor are a flapper, a chosen one, some World War I steampunkers, a gang of monsters, and the society who slay them.

Goliath by Scott Westerfeld (9/20/11)

All good things must come to an end, and such is the case with the steampunkin’ Leviathan trilogy. The war between the Darwinists and Austria-Hungary is reaching its close and Alek and Deryn are forming an alliance for this final battle, despite their respective ideologies that should make them enemies.

Want more on how we’ve rated this trilogy? Check out a review of Goliath from our Figlet Bridget.

The Slayer Chronicles: First Kill by Heather Brewer (9/20/11)

Bloodthirsty fans of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series will be returning for this companion novel, but you don’t need any prior knowledge of our friendly neighborhood vampire, Vlad, to go slaying with our new hero, Joss. Joss undergoes training with the Slayer Society after a vamp murders his sister. Besides his grief, Joss also has to deal with a traitor inside the Slayer Society who wouldn’t mind seeing him dead. Buried. Six feet under. Out the picture. Kaput. Finito.

As a Vlad Tod fan still suffering from post-Buffy depression, I’m excited to see the stakes rise as Joss chases his first vengeance kill. Here’s to many more, Joss!

Monster High 3: Where There’s A Wolf, There’s A Way by Lisi Harrison (9/20/11)

High school has never been more horrific than it is at Monster High, whose chronicles are written by the bestselling author of The Clique series. After Monster High, which revolves around 15-day-old Frankie Stein, and Monster High 2: The Ghoul Next Door, about mummified Egyptian princess Cleo de Nile and her return to power, the third book introduces us to Clawdeen Wolf, who’s ready to step out from the moonlight and into the spotlight for a howling romance of her own.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson (9/20/11)

It would appear that there’s a new trend among teenage girls these days, and that’s being a chosen one. In most of these stories, there’s a family legacy in which powers are passed down to the hero of the book, but Elisa in The Girl of Fire and Thorns is the exception–she was chosen by God to save the world. Naturally. And if the weight of the world wasn’t enough for our 16-year-old princess to bear, Elisa must also keep her marriage to a handsome (and untrustworthy) king a secret.

Beautiful Days: A Bright Young Things Novel by Anna Godbersen

It’s the 1920s, a real hoot-and-tootin’, bustling time for our young, fame-aspiring ladies in this, the last summer of the Jazz Age. Letty Larkspur has her eyes fixed on Broadway while Cordelia Grey grieves the loss of her father, who was murdered by the man she thought she loved.

These girls have fame and revenge on their minds. A time-traveling New York vacation has never sounded more fun.

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