The Titled Contest

People may call you a lot of things. Doctor. Mother. Loser. Beautiful. If you work at Figment, genius. What? How did that slip in? I don’t even . . .

In Catherine Gilbert Murdock’s Wisdom’s Kiss (which you can start reading for a limited time on Figment), Princess Wisdom—known as “Dizzy”—has never been comfortable with her title. She doesn’t like the propriety. She doesn’t like the responsibility. She doesn’t like being a princess. She would do almost anything to find adventure, including agreeing to marry a duke from a neighboring kingdom whose mother has always been jealous of Wisdom’s family’s throne.

For this contest, write a story in which a character is uncomfortable with one of his or her titles. How did she get that title? Why does he want to be free of it? Keep entries to 1,200 words or fewer.

How to Enter:
1. Read the full contest rules here.
2. Write your entry.
3. On the “Details” tab, in the “Tags” box, put: TitledContest.
4. Press “Publish Now.”
5. In about two hours or so, your story will appear among the contest entries, which you can read by clicking the link below.

You have until October 3 at 11:59 p.m. to enter. Voting will run until October 9th, at which time the five most-hearted entries will become finalists. The five finalists will be sent to Catherine Gilbert Murdock who will choose the winners!  The first-place winner will receive a copy of Wisdom’s Kiss, a circus-tastic T-shirt, and a Figment tote bag. Second place will receive Wisdom’s Kiss and a Figment tote. You could go crazy and put your copy of Wisdom’s Kiss IN your Figment tote. That would be like snuggling with a glittery unicorn of awesome. So get started! And good luck Figfriends.

Click here to see the finalists! Click here to see the winners!

14 thoughts on “The Titled Contest

  1. I am SOOO entering!!
    TO MODS: thanks that both winners get a copy of the book. That’s like the whole reason I enter these is to get books, and now I have two chances!!

  2. @Kinsey – Haha, me too! I haven’t read this book yet, but even if I don’t win I’ll probably end up going to Barnes and Nobel and buying it anyway 😀

    • Hey Alex-
      We ask that you create a unique piece for each contest. Let me know if you have any other questions- esteele at

  3. Just so you know, I’m not competing for a first place or something, for I’m no resident of the US. But I’ve entered just for the fun of writing something for this contest =)

  4. I always die a little bit inside whenever I come across the perfect thread of an idea that would turn into an awesome story…. then I find out that I am not eligible to enter the contest because of the tiny fact of my parents’ choice of where to live, and raise a family. I think that residents of Canada should be eligible too becuase we’re bordering the US. Just a thought.

  5. I’m confused… Isn’t this supposed to be over? On the contest page it still says Vote Now with the Titled Contest under it… (This is the first contest I’ve followed so I don’t really understand) 🙂

  6. I now its really late to comment, but personally I really didn’t like Wisdom’s Kiss, it was slightly shallow and confusing, the characters were predictable and one dimension, and the plot was obvious and see through. I am sorry, but I expected more. I mean, how many princess’s are there that dislike their title, it just makes me angry because there are so many girls that they could help with their power, and personally, I would love to be in her situation. I was also disappointed in the massive lack of strong feminine characters.
    Regardless, I do think this was a good contest idea.

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