Blood on the Moon Finalists!

We asked you to write about a romance between best friends for the Blood on the Moon Contest, and today we’re announcing the finalists. These top 10 entries will be sent to author Jennifer Knight for final judging, so stay tuned for the results!

The finalists, in no particular order, are:

“Marley” by Matteus Harper.
“One of the Guys” by Nadege Richards.
“Her Replacement” by N.R. Encarnacion.
“Forever” by Dani Walters.
“Shattered” by Miranda Manier.
“Love Me Not” by Tom “JellyBean” Sj√∂den.
“Already Gone” by Talia Durante.
“The Elevator Ride” by Sheri.
“The Forever in B.F.F.” by The Writing Rose.
“Sam” by Xena Pulliam.

4 thoughts on “Blood on the Moon Finalists!

  1. I don’t understand, my entry, “A Child of the Moon” WAS part of the top ten most hearted entries, and it did show up on the entries for Blood on Moon, but now, I dont see why it disappeared on the last second. This isn’t fully fair.

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