Kidnap Contest Winners!!

Image by Keoni Cabral

It’s been a grueling four days for the six finalists in this contest — first kidnappings, then two levels of judging. What has the world come to? Clearly it’s come down to these two winners:

“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” by Courtney Wootton, who will receive DVDs of Drag Me to Hell and Angels in the Outfield.

“Homecoming” by Rich Larson, who will receive a DVD of Charlie’s Angels.

Congratulations, Figs! You can all publish your entries now!

And, for good measure, here are all the semi-finalists, not including the winners.

Saturday Semi-Finalists

“345” by Anisah Sublett
“Joe was Kidnapped” by MattieBelleFry
“The Kidnapped Kidnapper” by Allexa Ceballos

Sunday Semi-Finalists

“Two Way Trap” by Becca S.
“Waiting” by Blossom Knightly
“Lessons from an Abduction” by Kaitlyn Wayman-Dodd
“Flagpole Sitta” by Anna Ramma
“Untitled” by Erika Beaumont

Monday Semi-Finalists

“A Night with TJ” by Jessica Crawford
“Stockholm Syndrome” by Magenta Smith
“Buzzzz…” by Cheyenne Elizabeth
“Kill Me” by Elizabeth E.
“Never Speak” by Anne Spree

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