Isle of Night Contest Finalists!

We trapped you on an island and asked you to make the best of it. Some of your characters survived, some of them didn’t. But there can only be 10 in the final round. Here are those 10 entries, which will be judged by the Figmods:

“You’re NEVER Alone, Believe Me” by Ambyr Coleman
“Click is not a Good Sound” by Destiny Howell
“Quiksilver Silence” by Jacqueline K
“What Happened on the Island” by Cassandra Beaumont
“Different” by Amanda Ricketson
“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” by A. Kennedy
“In the Moonlight” by Cassidy Petersen
“Stuck On This Island With You” by Erika Beaumont
“She Did This to Me” by Chloe B.
“Nowhere To Run” by Carlene B.

Best of luck, Figlanders!

17 thoughts on “Isle of Night Contest Finalists!

  1. Was I disqualified or something? Because I know for a fact that my story “Eye of the Hurricane” was entered and was the most hearted entry..
    This is really bothering me..

  2. Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU!
    This means a lot to me, considering the day I entered this in the contest (Different) I had no followers, and it was my very first day on figment.
    Like, I could cry right now.
    Good luck everyone!

    Oh, and do you know when you’ll announce the results?

  3. Hi, I’ve just noticed that lately ALL the contests have been only for people thirteen and up. This doesn’t bother me of course, but I just wondered why.

  4. I’m a finalist! If I win in any way, I can cross off one of the things off my FIGMENT GOALS list!!! I love Veronica Wolff too, she’s awesome, and this was epic to participate in!

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