Ban Books!

In honor of Ban Books Week, we asked users to ban some too-popular-for-their-own-good stories. The respon–what? It’s not Ban Books Week? It’s Banned Books Week? This is . . . uhm . . . all right. No, that’s fine.

Check out these completely joke tweets that were NOT intended to ACTUALLY incite a flaming banning spree. Because that would be . . . bad? Yes. That would be bad.

9 thoughts on “Ban Books!

  1. Well, you could also ban Winnie the Pooh because it supports obesity in children. (“I’m short and fat and proud of that.”)

    The Hungry Little Caterpillar because the caterpillar eats some cake and doesn’t count his calories. (Tsk tsk!)

    Goodnight Moon because there is a a balloon in the room, and balloons are choking hazards. There’s also a clothesline, which is a strangulation hazard, and a fireplace which is a fire hazard. (The balloon and the fireplace are real complaints. Despite the fact that there is an adult in the room.)

    Yes, yes, ban all the books! *maniacal laughter*

  2. Ban the Hunger Games because of too perfect characters!
    Ban the Warriors books because there are too many of them and they take up shelf space at the library.

  3. Why don’t we ban every book that is disliked by at least one person? Wait, that would be all of them…Let’s do it anyway! πŸ™‚

  4. Ban all the books I own, so then I can sell them for astronomical prices because they’re banned. πŸ˜€

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