Katsa Versus Katniss

They are both survivors. It is ingrained in their very beings, at the essences of who they are. But if they were fighting each other, who would come out on top? Graceling‘s Katsa or The Hunger Games Katniss?


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Katsa
Katniss is sneaking through the forest and suddenly she sees Katsa! Katniss t–oh. Katniss is dead. No, I understand that Katniss survived the Hunger Games and championed a revolution, but Katsa don’t care about political motivation. Katsa don’t give a… anything. Whatever it is, Katsa gives none of them.


The Battlefield of Love: Katniss
I would take Po over Peeta any day. (Fangirls! Sheath your weapons.) But the one-two shot of Peeta and Gale trumps the combined Po and Giddon. Also–Katniss really draws out that choice. I mean, her hesitation is excruciating. Katsa’s love conflict is less a bloody battle and more a weak, friendly arm-punch.


Eyes: Katsa
Gray eyes, while edgy and cool, do not trump mixy-matchy heterochromic eyes. Plus, Katsa’s eyes are linked to her Grace. They are Important and Meaningful. Capitals necessary.



Archery: Katniss
To be clear: This isn’t going to Katniss because she is the better shot. She isn’t. Katsa could notch a hundred arrows at once, let loose, and sign her name in a tree. Point to Katniss because she had to work so hard to become an accomplished archer. Baby Katsa probably picked up a bow by chance and shot a bull’s-eye by accident. Is this a pity point? Not gonna say yes, but not gonna say no . . .


Battle Royale: Katsa
I mean–yeah. If you’ve read both books, just–yeah. If you’ve only read The Hunger Games and you’re all like, “FIGMENT. YOU HAVE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE.” I’ma be like, “You do not get to speak to me until you go read Graceling. After reading, you are free to tell me off as much as you like. Until then, SILENCE PEON!”

Who should duke it out next? Tell us in the comments!

160 thoughts on “Katsa Versus Katniss

  1. ^^ You should do Max from Maximum Ride versus Artemis Fowl from, um, Artemis Fowl. That would be sooooo badass!!! Please?!?!

    • I go with this idea. it would be excellent. And do include a ‘brains’ field. We’ve had way too many action teens lately. ^^’

    • I could see Artemis winning that one – he uses his brains before his fists, and uses that to his advantage. Come on, he took on undead pirates with his intellect, I think he can beat Max any day. I love Max too, but she tends to fly into stuff with guns ablazing before thinking.

  2. Maximum Ride vs. Deirdre Monaghan
    Jace Wayland vs. Jacob Black
    Percy Jackson vs. Sam Roth
    Clary Morgenstern vs. Annabeth Chase
    I love these things.

  3. Honestly, I would’ve been irritated if Katniss had won. Katsa’s just…yeah.
    And while I love Artemis Fowl, I don’t think you should have a battle for him because, obviously, he’d win…well, if you gave him some time to plan, anyway.

  4. You should do:
    Alex Rider vs. James Bond
    Percy Jackson Vs. Michael Vey
    Eona Vs. Eragon

    Those would be epicawesome.

  5. Artemis would kill Max Ride. And go back in time and do it again. Because he’s amazing. And Max is… not.

    I would like to see Artemis go up against Nathaniel from the Bartimaeus Trilogy. That might be an interesting fight.

    Artemis vs. Nathaniel
    Halt (Ranger’s Apprentice) vs. Brom (Eragon)
    Eragon vs. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (How To Train Your Dragon)
    Meggie Folchart (Inkheart) vs. Sabrina Grimm (The Sisters Grimm)

  6. Cole St. Clair (Shiver Trilogy) vs. Iggy (Maximum Ride)
    Sita (Thirst series [has anybody else read those books?]) vs. Dru Anderson (Strange Angels)

  7. Fabulous idea. And so true, because it’s impossible not to compare the characters, even though their stories are so different. Have to say though… I did not like Graceling as much as Hunger Games. I like Kristin Cashore’s other book, Fire, *more* than Hunger Games, but Graceling far less so. *shrug* What can I say, I’m a weirdo? But it’s true that Katsa is the more ninja-like (and thus cool) of the two.

  8. KATSA all the way! I totally agree. I personally enjoyed Graceling more than The Hunger Games, but they are both very good books. Po just seems more hot and mysterious than Peeta or Gale as well.

  9. Hatter Madigan from The Looking Glass Wars series versus the Mad Hatter from the actual Alice in Wonderland books would be quite interesting…

  10. Yep, yep. This was an easy one to call and you totally gave the archery to Katniss on pity points. Katniss is great but Katsa is THE GREAT. Besides you should have played their sanity against each other too. That one Katsa definitely wins too. Katniss was a hair away from brain dead by the end.

  11. Twilight characters vs Harry potter characters
    We all know magic wins but it would be interesting!

    Also try Percy Jackson vs someone because I love me some Percy XD

  12. I’ve read both (well, I’m ALMOST done with Graceling and although it’s a good book K like Fire better), and I prefer The Hunger Games. HOWEVER, Katsa devinirwly deserved to win. She has no choice not to survive, and anything she needs for survival comes easily. Kind of lame because it means if you intend to so something she feels will threaten her survival, she’s invincible, but it means any battles are epic fails for het opponents. Peeta vs. Gale doesn’t hold a candle to Po, though.
    Basically, I prefer the story Katniss is from, but Katsa is definitely superior when you’re testing for things like that.

  13. Do Fire from the Book..erm..Fire.
    I don’t give a rat named Manuel about who you compare her too– just do it.

  14. katsa may win but she only wins because of her grace not because she was a hunter and poor, but because she was born with th ability so kill and to survive. katniss worked her *$$ off so she could live, katsa didnt have to ever work so hard except in her training to control her grace. but is you are just looking at what book is better a would say graceling by one piont.

  15. I love the Hunger Games. I emailed the castor of the Hunger Games to put me as an extra in the movies (I’m a minor actress) and at firsst she was like ‘Yeah’ and now she’s like ‘no we don’t have room’. The movie better be good, then. XD
    I love Graceling, too. Katsa’s awesome.

  16. Yay, Katsa! As a person who really wasn’t a huge Katniss fan, this is awesome. Hmm… you should do Sin from the Demon’s Lexicon, versus… Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments. That would be so much fun!

  17. I only read the hunger games and well I love katniss. Despite her mental issues. But hey you should do tamani from wings vs. peeta. I dunno who’d win cuz tamani’s pretty good at beating people who only have brute strength. 🙂

  18. What about the villain from Pendragon (I forget his name) and Voldemort? We all know who would win, but we have to get Voldy in somewhere!

    Or Umbridge vs. Snow.

    Or Jacky Faber (Bloody Javk series) vs anyone. Love that girl!

  19. this is great! go Katsa! i’ve been saying this a lot, but you neeeeeeeeeeeed to do Eowyn (lord of the rings) versus Alanna (song of the lioness). These are both from amazing books, and are amazing (and amazingly similar) characters! I am osting this multiple times.

    • I’d like to see that fight, although because of the nature of the time each writer wrote, we have more information about Alanna… That might make it difficult to find comparison points.

  20. this is great! go Katsa! i’ve been saying this a lot, but you neeeeeeeeeeeed to do Eowyn (lord of the rings) versus Alanna (song of the lioness). These are both from amazing books, and are amazing (and amazingly similar) characters! I am posting this multiple times.

  21. I have been saying this a lot, but you neeeeeeeeeeeed to do Eowyn (lord of the rings) versus Alanna (song of the lioness). These are both from amazing books, and are amazing (and amazingly similar) characters! I am posting this multiple times.

    • That’s a good Idea. I love The Song of the Lioness books and Lord of the Rings. It would be cool to do that one.

  22. @ Megan,
    Well the problem there is that we all already know who would win. Chuck Norris.

    *cowers in fear of the rabid fangirls*

    I mean, I adore HP and all, but Chuck Norris is just that awesome.

  23. You should do one for Johnny Depp characters, like Jack Sparrow vs The Mad Hatter or something. That would be cool. Or Alan Rickman characters, like Severus Snape vs other Alan Rickman character(I really only care about Snape. Sev Forever!) any of those would be cool.

  24. Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter.

    Look closely at the story lines and other than the actual situations, the type of suspence and details are alike. Book

    1- the theme here is stolen items. The lightning bolt and the socerer’s stone.
    2-rescue. Grover and Hermione/Ginny
    3-someone who is lost, but now found. Thaila and Sirius
    4-the maze. The Labyrinth and the last Task
    5-allies, groups of people. dumbledore’s army and Camp half blood.

    The jk rowling had to go and be original with the last ones because rick riodan ended the series.

  25. @Caitlyn-

    Um, I’m pretty sure JK Rowling was original from the start… since, you know, SS was published in 1997 and Lightning Thief was in 2005.


  27. Hermione (Harry Potter) vs. Bella (Twilight)
    Harry (Harry Potter) vs. Edward (Twilight)
    This is just for fun. I think we all know who should win!

  28. I’ve read both books, I love both books (series?), but Mockingjay stressed me out so much that it took me two months to finish it, since I could only read for five minutes then I had to put the book down and punch a pillow imagining it was a particular character’s head. Story wise, Graceling wins. But honestly, I love Katniss more than Katsa…

      • Artemis DEFINITELY needs to be on here. What other child genii do we know? Hmm…
        You could also do Butler vs. someone (I know someone suggested Hatter Madigan, which would be EPIC) or Holly vs. someone (another fairy from somewhere else?). AWESOMENESS.

  29. I think we should get Ginny Weasley in here somewhere and Annabeth Chase. I def. think that Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter. Also Alyss Heart (Looking Glass Wars) vs. Hermione Granger would be pretty beast.

  30. This was so great! (Although, I have read both books, and I still like Katniss a bit better, I have to say…. :D)

    I think Maximum Ride vs. Holly Short (from Artemis Fowl) would be awesome, though! They both have wings! 😀

  31. Ooooh, and maybe

    Artemis (the goddess!) VS. Arya (eragon)

    That would be interesting…Super strong elf or super awesome goddess?!?!?!

  32. Ohh Umbridge vs Snow would be really cool. Or maybe Umbridge vs Coin, since Coin was less…obviously bad. I dunno. Either would be epic.

    I still stand by my Jace Lightwood vs Damon Salvatore. Or either of them vs anyone. XD I’d just love to see Jace put in because he’s EPIC and not enough people know those books.

    I just finished Hunger Games, haven’t read Graceling…but I do like Katniss. Her mental issues make her very realistic. =3

  33. Loveeeee itttt!
    I agree with you, katsa totally kicks ass. A few months ago I would have said katniss but then katniss was such a wimp in the last book that I just lost respect for her ;P
    And then I read graceling.
    And katsa BEYOND kicks ass 🙂

  34. No, no, if we’re delving into the Maximum Ride section, I really want to see Max vs. Katniss from Hunger Games (obviosly). I haven’t read Graceling, but from what you guys say, it almost doesn’t seem fair to try to compare Katsa and Katniss. So let’s see Max vs. Katniss. I mean, forget that one is 98% human, and we might have a fair fight, considering the amount of training each got, and how Max had problems with Omega.

    long rant about relatively nothing in this post.

  35. Yay!! Katsa won! I read both books, and I was completely amazed by Katsa when I finished reading Graceling. Although, I did read The Hunger Games before Graceling, so I guess my impression of Katsa lasted longer than what I though of Katniss.

  36. Fire from, yes, “Fire” because she is beastlyamazingawesomeandcool! Versus… I don’t know. “Fire” was better than “Graceling.”

    Or Jane Eyre vs. Elizabeth Bennet… or Emma Woodhouse. Either one.


  37. I gotta EPIC idea!

    Hagrid Versus Bob the Builder…

    Wait… I got more!

    Harry Potter versus Voldermont! (Has that already been done? Oops. Nevermind.)

    Darth Vader versus Artemis Fowl

    Butler versus Thomas the Tank Engine!

    Sir. Topham Hat versus. Megan the Monday Fairy!

    Thanks for listening.

    What does that do?

  38. I am mighty, I am strong! I am Katniss!

    I’m also really insulted that some other fictional girl managed to beat me in a fight. *sigh*

    I want a rematch! Something like this:

    Archery: Katniss!

    Better name: Katniss!

    Survival Skills: Katniss! (Fine. Maybe its ‘Katsa.’

    Eyes: Katniss! I mean, who likes MULTICOLOURED EYES? (hm… all of you like them, don’t you. Meanies. My eyes are still better. Hmfph.)

    Winner: Katniss!

    see? i won!

  39. My name is Artemis Fowl the Second.

    I really don’t want to fight ANYONE, especially as I have better alliances: Fairies. Plus, I’ll probably lose because I’m the ‘bad guy’ in the stories. *sigh*

    By the way, some of you have horrible spellings. For example, Ana C, your word ‘beastlyamazingawesomeandcool’ does not even exsist.

    I’m betting that Ana C. Will try to hunt me down sooner or later… Ta ta!

    • Sorry Artemis, we all want to see you fight. 🙂 If it’s any consolation, you’d win if *I* was in charge. 😀

  40. I vote for Artemis Fowl against either Percy Jackson or Maximum Ride. We’ve got brains, brawn, strategy, loyalty… well. It could be close. I mean, preteen!Artemis has no moral inclination whatsoever. It depends on the age you choose.
    If all of them… *claps hands* This is going to be lovely.

  41. You should soooo do Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians versus Harry Potter from Harry Potter!!!! Or Annabeth Chase versus Hermione Granger!

  42. Yay! Katsa won and I knew she would because she is clearly superior to Katniss in many ways. I even liked Graceling a whole lot more than I liked Hunger Games personally, though I did read Graceling first before Hunger Games, but Kristin Cashore’s writing is superior and it really magnifies suspense. Admittedly, Suzanne Collins definitely has something going in the character development/creation department. All of her characters are wonderfully complexed and so flawed that it’s a pleasure to read and very hard to just put the book down and leave them hanging.

    Oh, but match ups… Bobby Pendragon vs. Alex Rider…

    King Leck (Still Graceling) vs. Voldemort, two villians with clear flaws duking it out.

  43. Pshaw! OF COURSE Katsa was going to win! I mean, come ON people. If you doubted Katsa, you probably haven’t read the book. Which means you should. Just…’cause it’s so awesome. BTW, Po is pretty cool, and I felt really bad at the end. Ya know, Fire (by the same author who wrote Graceling) is pretty good, too. I wonder who can possibly stand up to Fire’s cooliotasticness…

  44. Haha, I agree with this completely! They’re both awesome, but I like Katsa better… Gosh, I seriously have to re-read that book sometime… Haven’t read it for like a year :O

    Love both books, but Graceling wins hands down over The Hunger Games! 😀

  45. they did Gandalf vs Dumbledore and I say Harry vs Percy! the Greek gods vs magic!!!!!!!!!!! that would b sooooooooo cool! 🙂

  46. Personally, I liked the Hunger Games books a little more than Graceling, but I agree that Katsa would definitely win. 🙂

  47. Alanna from song of the Lioness vs. Kel from Protecter of the Small
    Or possibly someone vs. Jacky Faber
    Or maybe Wesley from the Princess Bride possibly versing Jace?
    Too many ideas >.<

  48. This is AWESOME!!!!!! Yep, so glad Katniss didn’t win……

    Tallahasee (Zombieland) vs. Chuck Norris
    Ginny (Harry Potter) vs. Fire (Fire: Graceling) BATTLE OF THE GINGERS!!!!!!
    Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean) vs. Legolas (Lord of the Rings) Pit Orlando Bloom’s parts against each other!
    Dr. Who vs. Morpheus (The Matrix)

  49. soooo this is kinda corny but …the baudelaire orphans vs. the kids from the mysterious benedict society. kind of a flashback to my childhood

  50. You should do this:

    The Vampire Diaries’s Bonnie McCullough versus Alice Cullen of the Twilight Saga.

    They both have psychic abilities and come from vampire books. Coincidence? I think not. These two were made to face-off.

  51. AFTER you do Eowyn VS. Alanna, you should do Bellatrix Lestrange VS. Marrisa Coulter (His dark materials) Or, if you can do movie/TV characters, than do Bellatrix versus Azula (Avatar the last airbender) FEMALE VILLAINS!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Either Galadriel (Lord of the rings) vs. Izlansadi (Eragon) Or Arwen vs. Arya (Same books). Does anyone else feel that these are different versions of the same characters?

  53. harry potter vs. percy jackson(lightning theif)

    Percy jackson vs. gale (hunger games)

    Peeta (hunger games) vs. romeo (romeo & juliet)

  54. Well, I haven’t read Graceling, but….Didn’t they have a tie up there? ‘Cause they have two points each…………

  55. Do you like mah name?

    Dylan vs. Fang (maximum ride)

    Max vs. Katniss (maximum ride, the hunger games)

    Ron vs. Harry (harry potter)

    Prim vs. Rue (the hunger games)

    Tally vs. Shay (specials)

    claire vs. Kate (LOST)

    … *pauses for thinking* …

    Xander vs. Ky (matched)

    That’s all i got.

  56. AND…………..

    Iggy vs. Gale! (iggy. he can fly, feel colors and kick ass. (well, gale can kick butt too… but he mostly kicks his crush’s sister’s butt till she burns to death, sooo) iggy’s still cooler, better sense of style.)

    And Hermionie vs. Katniss

    What wins?? Bow and arrows, or wand and… magic (?) ?

  57. OMG This was awesome and Figment is so right. Katsa could kick anyone’s ass. She’s amazing. I think the only person who would stand a chance against her would be Rose from Vampire Academy.
    I think you should do Rose vs. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That would be awesome.

  58. I would love to see the Old Firm versus the New Firm: Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar of Neverwhere versus Mr. Tulip and Mr. Pin of The Truth.

  59. Okay, personally, I favor Katniss, Arya, Hermione, and any other female herione more than Katsa. Yes, she has super human powers, but did she deserve them? NO!!!!! She did work hard or train to get them (Arya and Katniss) which takes the fun out of the whole process. Not to mention her extreme temper tantrums (hitting Po after he gave his opinion on soomething), and seriously abusing her horses. Examples: A fellow traveler mentioned to her she thinks the horses got hurt since Katsa refused to let the horses rest, and she replies “Oh he’s fine! He’s not lame, keep going!” Another example includes when she bashed her horse against Po’s to get his attention! If I had been that horse I would have driven her straight into a tree and then bucked her off. Even though she isn’t my favorite female heroine, I must side with Katniss, I mean , there’s are so many better female figures you could read about, that actually worked hard to reach their goals.

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