I Heart You, You Heart Me, We Are Figment Family…

We’ve gotten so many awesome recommendations for the I Heart Daily promotion, but we’d love to get a few more. So we’ve extended the deadline by two weeks! Yes Figs, you now have two more weeks to tell us all about the things you heart.

The fabulous website I Heart Daily features the freshest finds of the moment: Think an upcoming YA title, a delicious new snack, or a fresh, must-have beauty product. And I Heart Daily wants to devote a whole section of their site to Figmenters’ newest favorite things. But we need YOU to make this happen! What are you loving today that other people may not have tried yet, but probably should?

Maybe you want to let people know how awesome the new Kindles are.

Maybe you just learned the hippest new dance moves, like Jagger. (Two-step? So 2004.)

Maybe you had a bad romance and numbed your pain with an amazing new ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

Maybe you think those song references are super lame because YOU have the dish on the hottest, best-kept-secret YouTube singer or underground band.

If so, tell us about it!

Keep submissions under 200 words. We’re looking for specific things that most people don’t know about—books you can read, albums you can listen to, websites you can waste your afternoon on. (No made-up products, please, and no abstract things like, “long walks on the beach.”) Be sure to include a LINK where I Heart Daily readers can explore or purchase your newest favorite thing, and send it to iheartdaily@figment.com.


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