Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby

by Maggie Martin

The ice surrounding the fjord fortress is thick enough to keep any enemy out through the winter, but when a traitor is trapped inside, the ice is too close for comfort.

In Matthew J. Kriby’s novel Icefall, Solveig and her brother and sister are tucked away in an enclosed fjord for the winter while their father, the king, fights for a victory of his kingdom. Everyone is safe until the king sends his most brutal men, the berserkers, to the fjord to protect Soleveig’s brother, the heir to the throne. The men bring nothing but trouble, and soon a traitor is discovered amongst them.

All the while, Solveig feels lost as a member of the royal family. Her older sister, Asa, is the most beautiful girl in the kingdom and will bring honor to their family through marriage. Her younger brother, Harald, is the heir to the throne. And Solveig… is just Solveig. But as the book progresses, Solveig discovers that she has a gift for storytelling and is incredibly brave—traits that are equally important to the royal family, no matter what her father says.

Kirby kept me on my toes constantly while reading Icefall. He keeps the reader in the dark about who the traitor is, when Solveig’s ice fortress would thaw, and why the king sends so many men to protect them after it does. Icefall is a little slow at first, but once the traitor is discovered and the paranoia starts to set in the reader feels as trapped as Solveig.

The main plot is full of action and suspense, but I think it is the strong side-plots that really boost the story. I found myself relating to Solveig, not knowing how she fits in with the world or who she is. Even though Icefall is set in the distant past, the themes are the same for teenagers today with just as much pressure to do the right thing and find one’s place. Kriby does a wonderful job of mixing modern themes with an old and scary setting, creating a world I would revisit again.


Maggie Martin is a teen fiction writer who lives in Iowa.  Music inspires pretty much every aspect of her life, so naturally she’s a band geek that lives and breathes music.  Seriously. 

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