Past Perfect by Leila Sales

 by Mattie Stubbe

They say never to judge a book by its cover, but in the case of Past Perfect by Leila Sales, you can go right ahead. The cover is cute and fun—just like the book.

The story follows high-school student Chelsea at her summer job at the Essex Historical Colonial Village. Having just recently broken up with her boyfriend Ezra, Chelsea hopes that working at the Essex will give her a chance to recover and maybe find a summer love. And of course, there is the annual war between the Essex Colonial Village and their rival Civil War Reenactment village across the road. Chelsea expects the competition to be vicious and the limits almost nonexistent. But what she doesn’t expect is that this year, everything will be different.

After being kidnapped by a band of Civil War Reenactors, she meets Dan. He’s the perfect boy—sweet, funny, adorable. There are only two problems: he’s from the enemy historical village, and Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend is back, working at the Essex. Now, faced with the choice of patching up a broken relationship or entering a star-crossed romance, Chelsea’s summer has turned into a mess.

What makes Past Perfect so memorable is the setting. I have never read any other book in which a reenactment village is more than an unimportant idea. It is quite refreshing and totally original for a story to take place in such a unique location.

The characters are strong, the plot is fun, and the setting is absolutely amazing. This book is a definite must-read for anyone who loves a good time and a bit of romance!


Mattie is an aspiring novelist who lives in small-town Colorado. She can often be found reading YA fiction when she probably shouldn’t be, resulting in the common phrase of, “Put the book down!” (Unfortunately for whoever says that, it rarely happens.)

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