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Remember when Mom brought home that screaming little bundle and put it in the crib, safe and sound? Remember when you dumped all of your toys on top of it, hoping it would be forgotten if no one could see it? No such luck for me, Figs, and definitely no such luck for poor Calli. Jessica Lee Anderson’s new novel, Calli, follows the titular character as she tries to make the best of the new addition to her family—her foster sister, Cherish. Initially excited about her moms’ decision to extend their family, Calli quickly learns there’s nothing to cherish about Cherish. She kisses Calli’s boyfriend in front of the whole school, steals her iPod, and always gets her into trouble with her moms. But when Calli’s had enough and takes matters into her own hands, she lands Cherish in juvenile detention. Nothing like a new addition to the family, eh?

But we’re curious, Figs, about how you would write this scenario. We therefore, very politely, present to you the Calli Contest.

Your task: write a story about the introduction of a new member to a family. It can be about any family member you like, go in any direction you like, and be in any genre you like. You have 1,500 words to do this in, so make every word count!

How to Enter:

1. Read the full rules here.
2. Create your piece on Figment.
2. On the “Details” tab, in the “Tags” box, put: callicontest.
3. Press “Publish Now.”
4. In about two hours or so, your contest entry will appear by clicking the link below.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. EDT. Then you get to decide the finalists by voting for your favorites until Tuesday, October 18 at 6:00 p.m. EDT. The top 10 finalists will be judged by the wonderful Jessica Lee Anderson herself, who will choose the winners. The first place winner will receive a copy of Calli, a Figment tote and a $30 gift card to Amazon. The second place winner will receive a copy of Calli, a Figment tote and a $15 gift card to Amazon, and a third winner will receive a copy of Calli and a Figment tote.

Best of luck, Figs!

Click here to read the winning entries and the finalist entries.

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  1. I was wondering if the “moms'” was a typo, and then I went to read the passage provided… Lo and behold, a lesbian couple! Imagine that! Made my day. :DDD

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