Hip-Hop ‘Til Ya Don’t Stop

Yo yo yo, Figgity Figs! Wassssup?

Remember when we told you about 50 Cent’s upcoming semi-autobiographical YA novel, Playground, and name-checked some other music-book mash-ups we’d like to see? You don’t? Then go go go! (But come back afterwards, okay?!)

Oh, good—there you are! We were getting worried.

Here at Figment, we can’t get enough of those literary/hip-hop crossovers, so we decided to take it one step further. What would happen if literary characters adopted the illest stage names and dropped a couple of phat records with poppin’ hits? For better or worse, this:

Drizzy Malfabulous and It’s Weezlybaby present: Chamber of Swag
Two of the East Coast scene’s greatest put their rivalry to rest and team up for this collaborative effort that’s sure to get your willows whomping. Standouts include “Where Them Witches At” and club favorite “Expecto Patron-On-Ice.” Produced by Lupin Fiasco.

Atticuss FynchLawyer’d.
We bet the latest to drop from Maycomb’s highly political, highly profane golden boy isn’t spinning in your dad’s collection. AFy will get it hyphie up in here and make all of your mockingbirds sing. Latest single, “(Wanna Be Your) Boo” featuring Skout and B-Boy BRadz, out now.

The Wu-Fang CovenThis Album Sucks
The old-school (like . . . turn-of-the-20th-century) super collective is back, and they’ve got blood in their eyes. Notables include the instant anthem “Vampire State of Mind” and “VolvoLuptuous.” Really shows the maturation of core members IzzaBalla Swan and E. Culli.

Golden HoldenNo Phony, Homie
Hip-hop’s original rebel shows us his softer side with “Sally Hayes Daze” and gives us some more of the angst and cynicism that put him on the charts back in the winter of ’49.

Too much for ya? How about some golden oldies?

“Moves Like the Jackal” – Sydney Carton
“Single, Jilted Ladies” – Miss Havisham
“Party Jazz Anthem” – Jay Gatsby
“Stairway to the Attic (Where You Keep Your Insane Wife)” – Jane Eyre
“Hey There, Ophelia” – Hamlet

And . . . one last dig at The Sparkly One? Please?

“Angst-or’s Paradise” – Edward Cullen

Ahh . . . mischief managed!

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