Sumberac and Basic to Judge Steampunk Classic Contest

It’s like a two-for-one special! We’re running a two-pronged contest in honor of Steampunk: Poe a collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s best poems and short stories brought to life with awesomely creepy steampunk illustrations by Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac. (You can begin reading it for a limited time on Figment here.)

For this contest, we want you to imagine what a classic tale (think Romeo and Juliet or “Cinderella“) would be like if you added steampunk elements. Then either write or illustrate a scene from that steampunk-ified story. The source material you choose is up to you—maybe it’s something you read for class, a well-recognized favorite, or an old fable. The artistic medium is up to you, as well: Paint, pencil, Photoshop—it’s all good. Written entries must be fewer than 1200 words.

Confused about what exactly steampunk is? Wikipedia to the rescue!

The Figmods will be judging the 10 top-hearted written entries in-house, and the incredibly talented Manuel Sumberac and Zdenko Basic will be judging the 10 top-hearted art entries.

You have until Monday, October 17 to submit your entries. Voting will take place between October 18 and October 20.

How to Enter:

1. Read the full contest rules here.
2. Choose a scene from a classic tale and decide whether you will write or illustrate your steampunk elements. There’s only one entry per person, so you must choose to submit either a written or an illustrated entry.
3a. If you choose to enter a piece of writing, simply write your story as a Figment book and press “publish now.”
3b. If you choose to enter a piece of visual art, create a piece that can be saved as a .jpeg file. So an original photo, a scanned painting or drawing, a photoshop masterpiece: all totally fine. Need some inspiration? Check out Manuel and Zdenko’s steampunk illustrations here. Then upload your art file as the cover of a Figment book in the cover design tab. In the “content” section of the book, enter: “Art entry for the Steampunk: Poe On-Site Contest.”
4. For both types of entries, tag your book as “steampunkclassic” on the details tab.
5. Wait the two or so hours it sometimes takes for your entry to show up below.

Both the art winner and the written winner will receive a copy of Steampunk: Poe. The written winner will also receive this delightfully old-fashioned writing set. And the art winner will receive this pimped-out art set.

Good luck, multi-talented Figartists!

Click here to view the finalists, and click here to view the winners!

41 thoughts on “Sumberac and Basic to Judge Steampunk Classic Contest

  1. Is there a work limit for the written entries? I didn’t see one, but want to make sure if there is one to know what it is as to not write more than I am allowed.

    • You can make the illustration in any way that allows it to be uploaded as a .jpeg file. Which means you can create it in Microsoft Paint or Photoshop, by taking an original photograph, or by drawing or painting an image and scanning it into your computer. Once the file is on your computer, you can upload it as the cover art for a Figment book. See the post for more exact instructions. Thanks!


  2. Oh my, I do admire the science/imagination behind steampunk! I even often wonder what would happen if things became steampunk!My heart is pumping on the excitement of it all! I must think quickly. Ohhhh, this is quite excilerating (I hope I spelled that right).

  3. There’s an error with the contest entries showing up.

    Um, just wondering, are the judges going to be able to see a bigger version than the cover-sized art? That’s a little tiny for details and all that.

      • That’s fine, as long as it is the cover as well. Note- images cannot be embedded in a story, so you’d have to link to the website somewhere online.

    • That’s fine, as long as the pictures are creative commons (which you can find here: and correctly attributed. Otherwise, you should own the copyright for any images you are using. Photoshop can also just be altering a photograph you have taken. Let me know if you have any further questions!

  4. Pertaining to the Phantom of the Opera thing above, the Phantom’s Red Death masquerade costume was actually inspired by one of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories. (random trivia)

    • Hey Fiona!
      All the hearts on your story count (unless they are from multiple fake accounts or something else that breaks the rules), whenever you get it.

  5. How long should it take for entries to show up – it’s been a day and mine still hasn’t appeared as a contest entry.

  6. Hey, hey! Mods! The deadline is October 17th, but when? Like, midnight tonight going into tomorrow, or midnight going into October 18th?

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