Rebecca Gordon: Why I Write

In celebration of the National Day on Writing (October 20), we’re asking you why you write. So it only seemed fair that we, the Figment team, told you a little bit about why we write. Today we hear from Figment staffer Rebecca Gordon, a former English teacher and a new member of the Fig Team.

I write to give the little voice inside my head a little breathing room.

I write to pay homage.

I write to connect with others. I write to connect with myself.

I write to give back.

I write to remember and to be remembered.

I write to learn and I write to teach.

I write to write, and erase, and rewrite, and erase again.

I write because without words, every emotion, every piece of beauty, would be as intangible as a gust of wind, its effect captured through reflection, but its essence left untended.

Figment is celebrating the National Day on Writing with the New York Times Learning Network, the National Writing Project, and Edutopia. Be sure to tell us why you write on our festival page, read author Q-and-A’s from the New York Times Learning Network, and check out more great essays about why writers write at NWP.

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