Nicholas Sparks: Coming to a Book Club Near You

Let’s be honest: sometimes when you think about book clubs, you think about Oprah shouting “You get a car, and you get a car!” while Oprah groupies scream hysterically and jump up and down in the background. Well, my fellow Figs, this isn’t Oprah’s book club, but we will be giving away cars. No we won’t.

BUT. But.

We will be giving you the never-before-seen-but-sure-to-repeat-itself opportunity to read a book with other Figs and Mods! Together! As a Fig family! And what, really, could be better, than sitting around a cyber fireplace, sipping digital hot cocoa, and discussing the literary and thematic intricacies of a good book? For Figs, the answer is always “nothing.”

Join the Figment Book Club this Monday, next Monday, and the Monday after that for a scintillating sojourn into Nicholas Sparks’s The Notebook (in honor of the book’s 15th anniversary!). Hop to your local bookstore! Skip to your local library! Crab walk over to your computer! Whatever your method, make sure to grab yourself a copy of The Notebook and be a part of the discussion.

Oh, and guess what? There’s more! Nicholas Sparks is going to be taking questions from Figmenters like you and answering them in a video. You can submit your questions here! Plus, Nicholas Sparks, with Grand Central Publishing, is judging a contest! Read the full rules and get started here.

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