Scott Westerfeld at New York Comic Con

Steampunk-tastic audience at the panel

We snuck into “The Del Rey Spectra Steampunk Zombie Jamboree” at New York Comic Con to hear Scott Westerfeld dish about Uglies: Shay’s Story, the new graphic novel companion to Westerfeld’s Uglies trilogy hitting stores in February of 2012.

Scott Westerfeld, far right, on a panel including Naomi Novik, C.E. Murphy, and Peter Brett

Westerfeld discussed the benefits manga-style illustrations had over western-style drawings in terms his fans were very familiar with. “Pretties”, people who’ve turned 16 and received the government mandated beautifying surgery, are supposed to be universally  beautiful, which is something that’s very difficult to actually create. “But with manga,” Westerfeld said, “you can just put sparkles on them!” That’s what she said. And by “she”, I mean Stephenie Meyer. Don’t get too excited. There will be no actual sparkles in the book. There will, however, be tons of “mystical manga wind.” You know the kind. Hair is always whipping in it. Scarves are always floating in it. And it is always a very centralized weather movement, usually limited to a few hyper attractive characters.

This new companion book retells the events of Uglies from the perspective of Tally’s once-best-friend, Shay. Westerfeld promises a whole new perspective on Shay, David, the Smoke, and Tally. Plus some gorgeous illustrations.

An illustration from Uglies: Shay

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