The Steampunk Poe Contest

Did you guys know that Edgar Allan Poe has joined Figment? It’s true! We were just sitting around the Figment offices (it was about midnight, kinda dreary out), discussing our favorite dead poets with mustaches and messing around with the Ouija board when we heard this weird tapping sound (I’d almost say, a rapping sound) on the window. It got really cold, and then the next thing you know, Edgar Allan Poe had a Figment profile! Crazy, right?

So to appease Poe’s clearly restless spirit, we’ve decided that henceforth, Emily will be known as Emmabell Leigh. We’ve declared our office bird the raven. You don’t even want to know the kind of things we’ve stored under these floorboards. Oh, and we launched this awesome contest!

Visit Figment’s Halloween page to see the official rules and how to enter. Good luck, Figs! Happy haunting.

10 thoughts on “The Steampunk Poe Contest

  1. So… It seems that this contest is in fact, not based on the number of hearts an entry recieves. I can’t find that suggested anywhere on the website. So will all entries be judged and scored regardless of hearts/popularity?

  2. Do you have to use the pictures in the groups shown? Or can you like find three that you like while flipping through them all and use those? I just didn’t know if there were only certain combinations allowed?
    Thank you so very much! I can’t wait to get writing!

  3. Is it enough to mention the picture numbers in the “description” on the details tab, or should we actually put the numbers in our story?

  4. When will then announce the winner if the Steampunk Poe contest? Or like the semi-finalists, I’m not sure how they are judging?

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