Easy A (2010)

Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) is a typical teenager going to a somewhat clichéd, never-gonna-exist-in-real-life high school, which we assume to be in Southern California. She happens to have a problem everyone that age has: namely, a boastfully slutty friend Rhi (played by Aly Michalka) who won’t shut up about her first and only sexual experience. Olive, reasonably, has lied about her own “boyfriend” in order not to seem lame. This, of course leads to another lie, and, before you can comprehend it, Olive is known as the school slut—except she’s a virgin.

It isn’t long before all the morons on campus begin asking Olive to fake having sex with them to boost their social standing. These actions not only increase her reputation as a flip-skirt, but also pad her wallet with gift-cards galore. Without revealing too much: some guy tries to rape her, she has a breakdown, and then she sticks it to the school with a catchy song-and-dance number (trombone is the new dancing-pole).

If you’re looking for a movie full of witty one-liners, tasteful salaciousness, and believable acting, then look no further than Easy A. However, you shouldn’t watch this movie if you’re uncomfortable with over-exposure to Amanda Bynes, if you dislike a high school populated by actors too old for their roles, or if gratuitous references to the immortal work of John Hughes make you shudder with horror. And remember, this movie is PG-13 for a reason; don’t let the young ones near it unless you want to have to explain a lotta “why”s.

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2 thoughts on “Easy A (2010)

  1. I absolutely love this movie, although I’m slightly biased because Enna Stone is my favorite actress. I felt it portrayed the high school gossip mill accurately and how small misconceptions can stir up a ton of drama. It’s interestingntobconnectnthe ties between olive and the character from the scarlet letter

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