Better Together

Obsessing over After Obsession? Us too. The new novel is the work of not one but TWO awesome authors, Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel. This team is a dream come true, which made us wonder what other collaborations you guys are dying to see. Last week we asked you what some of your dream author collaborations would be; these are some of our favorites—and how we think they would play out . . .

J.K. Rowling and Cassandra Clare – Draco Malfoy, the Boy Who Also Lived
It’s Clare’s Draco fanfic, except this time Jo herself joins in to create a totally canon new series!

Draco Malfoy has grown up in the shadow of Harry Potter, but he has a huge secret: Harry wasn’t the only baby to resist the Dark Lord’s attack on the night of Lily and James’s death. Up until now, Draco’s been able to plan his defeat of Voldemort without interference, but now he’s headed off for his first year at Hogwarts, where he’s destined to run into Potter! Draco must protect himself and Harry by keeping his distance, even though all he really craves is a friend.

Look out for the other great titles in the series, featuring a heartbreaking love triangle with a fiery redhead, the Quidditch match that could change it all, and an uncomfortably descriptive scene involving leather pants.          

Stephen King and Dr. Seuss – One Fish Two Fish Redrum Blue Fish
From the writers of Green Eggs and Severed Hands, this delightfully gruesome learn-to-read title introduces children to rhyming, counting, and the psychologically damaging effects of cabin fever! Oh, the places you’ll go as you flip through this fully illustrated book of Whimsical Who-zits and Wubbulous Wendigo-PossessedDemonicZombiePets!

One fish, two fish, Redrum, blue fish
All work, no play, dull-dead-EW! fish
This fish swims in a tank gone sour
Heeere’s Fishy! Your flesh he’ll devour

James Patterson and Danielle Steel – Along Came No Greater Love
He’s Secret Agent Daniel Cross, and he’s about to take on his most harrowing mission yet: fatherhood! Agent Cross is finally settling down in the storybook countryside with his young wife and their newborn twin boys. Contemplating early retirement so that he can spend his days with the woman he loves, Cross is quickly awoken from his reverie when a jealous ex kidnaps one of his boys and threatens the foundation on which Cross has built his new life. Agent Cross must work quickly to save his son and his marriage in this romantic thriller from the pair that brought you Step on a Crack in My Heart.

J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Dickens – The Lord of Expectations
Peregrin “Pip” Took is an orphaned Hobbit who finds himself in love with the beautiful Elf Estella Glólindë, but romance between lowly Hobbits and high-society Elves is nearly unheard of in Middle-earth. Determined to win Estella’s heart, Pip and his cousin Merry, along with their friends Mr. Frodo and Sam, set out to Mordor to find the perfect engagement ring. Though the journey proves perilous (escaped convicts! shady lawyers! rogue cave-dwelling Hobbits suffering identity crises and living off of decades-old cake!), Pip learns afterwards that he has a wealthy benefactor in the form of a mysterious old wizard, Lord Gandalf. Who is Gandalf, and why is he reaching out to Pip? Will Estella accept Pip’s proposal, now that he’s a gentleman? Where did that creepy guy get all that moldy cake? Part one of the epic trilogy.

Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins – Breaking the Hunger
Baseball becomes boring for a coven of mild-mannered vampires when they stumble upon America’s other pastime: Fight Club! The werewolves have been duking it out for fun every week, but when the vampires decide to join in, the stakes change. Spawned by the ancient feud between a vampire and a werewolf—probably just over some human girl or something—participants must now fight to the death. But what happens when a female werewolf falls for one of her vampire opponents? Is it true that we only hurt the ones we love, or will this star-crossed pair figure out a way to live in harmony? What does it look like when they cuddle?

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  1. I was squeling in joy and shock, until i saw the draco dormiens, and was, ‘oh, thaaat. nevermind. i already knew about that. thats Old.

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