Happy Birthday to Books 10/16 to 10/22

It’s raining over here at the Figment headquarters, but we won’t let bad weather bring us down when there are new book babies in the world waiting to be read and celebrated!

Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater (10/18)

I didn’t think I’d enjoy a book about horses, but not only was I rooting for the characters, I was surprisingly terrified of the horses! The horses here—capaill usice—are water horses, and they’re far more dangerous than I remember from my second-grade class trip. You’ll have to read for yourself to find out why. (Spoiler alert: they don’t eat hay.) Stiefvater’s standalone novel is written in the alternating perspectives of two of the racers in the Scorpio Races: Sean, the returning champion, and Puck, who’s the first girl to ever enter.

For further convincing to read this, and not to hop on a capaill usice of your own, read our FigReviewer Kay Fraser’s  five-star review!

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (10/19)

I’ve always wanted to vacation in a supernaturally-charged town, but Gatlin, South Carolina isn’t my first choice. There’s record-breaking heat, swarms of locusts buzzing around, and devastating storms destroying homes and all the resorts I might have visited. Don’t even get me started on the family of supernaturals whose abilities are misfiring all over the place right now, threatening to blast my Coolatta out of my hand. Another reason why I won’t be spending my airline miles on South Carolina this week? The town of Gatlin requires a human sacrifice to banish the chaos. I think I’ll go to Florida instead and sip on butterbeer. But by all means, if you’re looking for chaos, Gatlin’s got it.

How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr (10/18)

I’ve never been big on pregnancy books—probably because I’m closed-minded (kidding) and because I can’t relate (not kidding, but not my fault), but I’m a big Sara Zarr fan, so I think I’ll give this one a shot. In it, the protagonist Jill’s father has died in a car crash and, in an attempt to recover from the loss, Jill’s mother has decided to adopt a baby. Meanwhile, teenage Mandy is pregnant and, given that she grew up unwanted by her mother, decides she wants her child to have a better life. Can we see how these two stories may tie together? As if the amazing reviews this book has received weren’t recommendation enough, I also read a beautiful passage from Mandy’s point of view in which she’s reflecting on the consequences of her unborn daughter learning she’s adopted. Sara Zarr just about broke me with that single paragraph; I’m nervous to find what’ll be left of me when I reach the last page.

Seizure: A Virals Novel by Kathy Reichs (10/18)

Yarrrrr! That’s pirate for “Happy Birthday!” There are plenty of vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and aliens in YA, but there are never enough pirates. Considering that this is a sequel to Virals, it seems to be a gigantic leap  to go from saving a wolf-pup to looking for buried treasure, but I don’t doubt that Kathy Reichs can pull this off. After all, her brilliant existence inspired the TV show Bones!

On The Fringe by Courtney King Walker

I’m kinda loving this new trend of characters drowning on YA covers. That makes me a little grim, right? Eh, you love me anyway. Besides, you have to be a little grim if you’re going to read On The Fringe, starring Claire, a teen who’s struggling to overcome the murder of Daniel, the boy she secretly had the hots for. Not enough drama for you? Claire drowns for four-and-a-half minutes on her 16th birthday and gets the birthday surprise of her life—she resurfaces to a world where Daniel’s alive again.

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  1. I can’t wait to go buy Seizure!!!!!! Virals is one of my favorite books and I can’t wait for this sequal! Kathy Reichs is such a good author.

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