What is it that compels us writers to pick up those journals, scribble on restaurant napkins, stay up at until hours typing, and dream up poetry in our heads? When you sit down and try to answer the question, “Why do you write?”, sometimes the only response you can think of is, “Well . . . I just do.”

That’s why today’s #WhyIWrite Twitter blizzard–in honor of the National Day on Writing–has been such an incredible event. Writers from all over the world have been tagging their tweets #WhyIWrite, encapsulating (in 140 characters, no less!) exactly what drives them to scribble and scrawl, to type and tweet, to write and revise.

Some were funny (@seananmcguire: “Being a writer means that spending a weekend with my imaginary friends is an acceptable adult activity”); many were lyrical (@neilhimself: “Because I can lie beautiful true things into existence, & let people escape from inside their own heads & see through other eyes”); and a choice few were brutally honest (@barrylyga: “Because as hard as it is, it feels worse not to”). But each tweet succeeded in reminding us why writing is an inextricable part of our lives, as irreplaceable as blood and bone.

And it’s not too late for you to join in, too! Just tweet your response now with the hashtag #WhyIWrite. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites from earlier today:

@threnodymarch: Because by accident I will discover something about myself that I only could have arrived at in fiction, through another voice.

@danagoodyear: Nosiness.

@kamigarcia: Because the right book at the right time can change your life.

@totallylaime: Because writing allows me to spend a huge percentage of my time daydreaming without guilt!

@haleshannon: Because words and characters won’t leave me alone. And because Life without Story is meaningless.

@brendankoerner: Too many lonely childhood days with Hardy Boys books.

@mstiefvater: @Figmentfiction I write because of how other authors made me feel as teen. To make others feel. Because I have stories inside me.

@jessleeanderson: It used to be that I HAD to write or else, but now I NEED to write to embrace uncertainty and to continue discovering my voice

@andy_richter: @sweencyn Words be gooder than numbers!

@maureenjohnson: An abundance of brain monkeys and a dearth of other skills.

@jonpinnock: I need a reason?

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