Bronxwood Contest Finalists!

For the Bronxwood Contest, we asked you to write a piece that included the words diner, boom box 2 a.m., bullet, alley, and today we’re announcing the finalists! We’re excited! Exclamation points! These five entries will be sent to author Coe Booth for final judging, so make sure to check the blogs obsessively for the results!

The 5 finalists, in no particular order, are (readysetgo!):
“Three Brothers” by Abigail Rizzo
“Late Shift” by Alexes
“The One” by Dominique ; Amaya
“The Rivalry” by Jex Sanders
“Piper” by Amme Airotkiv

Finalists please note: before you can be declared the winner of a contest, you must return a signed affidavit that will be sent to you via email, so check your email regularly!

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