Greek Myth Contest Finalists!

We asked you to write about a about a figure from Greek mythology that somehow interacts with the modern world for the Greek Myth Contest, and today we’re announcing the finalists. These top 5 entries will be sent to author Elizabeth Miles for final judging, so stay tuned for the results!

The finalists, in no particular order, are:
“Everything’s Fair in Love and War” by Brittany J.
“Ava’s Song” by Jack Fossett
“Persephone’s Dress” by Jenniene Robinson
“My Greek Story” by Annabel G.
“Labyrinth” by B. D. Legan

Finalists please note: before you can be declared the winner of a contest, you must return a signed affidavit that will be sent to you via email, so check your email regularly!

3 thoughts on “Greek Myth Contest Finalists!

  1. I’m a finalist! 😀
    Thanks for reading my story, everyone. It means a lot. And congrats to everyone else who made it to finals~

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